Art Inspired week on Project Run and Play-my look

GUYSSSSSS!!!! Project Run and Play is here! I am sooo excited. I am ecstatic to finally be able to compete in all the weeks (If you didn’t know, I have the lovely distinction of being the first person ousted…ever, on Project Run and Play. Oh yeahhh…that’s going on the resume….) So I am just giddy that I can finally participate fully. πŸ˜€Β  I also want to thank my excellent idea-bouncer-offer person (it’s her official title πŸ˜‰ and style resource-Kristin. She is an amazing friend and sounding board for me and my ideas, and she had a great way of suggesting things that would push me creatively and make the outfit so much better. Thanks, Kristin. You da best!
Art-Inspired week was the first theme-this theme was fascinating and really exciting for me. I love art-especially the Impressionist era artwork. I got to see a lot of them in the flesh (er….canvas?…) when I went to Paris as a teen. Hanging out at the Louvre and MusΓ©e d’Orsay was the highlight of that trip, for sure. I had a hard time choosing an art piece-I seriously had rough outfit sketches and plans for about 6 different paintings, but finally chose one by Claude Monet called Women in the Garden.

The colors were amazing and I loved how all the women in the picture seemed like they were having a grand ol’ time. It reminded me of me and my three sisters. I was inspired by their outfits, too! So from the painting, I picked my color palette and fabrics out-a dusty gold, bright red, emerald green, and soft white and navy polka dot.

I started with the top-a quirky little peplum top with a narrow peter pan collar, exposed navy zipper in the back, and cap sleeves. (sleeves inspired by Rae’s Geranium dress, and peplum inspired by Dana’s circle skirt)
The cropped leggings were made from double layered soft gold jersey, sewn and fitted and re-sewn to my little Sadie til they fit perfectly! I hand stitched some lace bows right above the hem for a vintage touch.(Shoes from Old Navy)

The emerald green scalloped jacket is fully lined with a secret pocket inside! The special vintage floral fabric (thrifted ages ago! I knew I’d use it someday….) used in that pocket is also used on the lining of the jacket for a fun little accent.

The front of the jacket has a row of scallops with an off white covered button (buttons to cover from the Ribbon Retreat) framed in each to keep it closed. The peter pan collar and sleeves are trimmed in a bit of piping to make them pop!
Β  It also has pockets in the side seams for her hands, trinkets, and candy, of course.Β 
Β I also added a little button tab on the back of the jacket for visual interest-I decided to sew it on after the jacket was sewn together-so it was quite the job to hand sew it to the outside of the jacket only!
Β The headband (inspired by the bouquet one of the ladies is holding) was a labor of love-about 10 or so hand made felt flowers that I spent hours arranging “just so”!

Pardon the plethora of pics…but it was such a fun shoot-we got so many good ones! We being my Dad and I-he has an amazing camera and collection of lenses so he came with me to be my back up camera and let me borrow a lens! Thanks Dad! Now I want a new camera, too. :}


  1. Jess this is such a beautiful outfit! I love how you take special care with all the little details. Gorgeous!!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Everything is so adorable! I have white polka dot knit just like this one, now I know what I want to make with it. The jacket is darling too – I love the scallops! -Jen

  3. Love the jacket. I need to find a pattern just like it. So perfect. Wonder how it would look on a grown up girl in her 30’s?

  4. How adorable. Love all your details. The headband and lined pockets are my favorite.

  5. This outfit is beautiful!

  6. The whole outfit is really cute but that jacket is amazing!

  7. LOVE it!! And…did I miss the winner of Southern Fabrics? I bet you posted and I just missed it. πŸ™‚

  8. Adorable..both the outfit AND your daughter!!!

  9. this is great -t he top is my favorite, I love the exposed zip. The floral lining and surprise pocket are the details that make an outfit like this so special!

  10. This is seriously adorable, Jess! Great job! πŸ™‚

  11. SO adorable! The jacket detail is incredible, I love it! You did an incredible job.
    I have a half-finished polka-dot collared peplum top I was working on for my PRAP, but after I was voted off I just left it there on kid-clothes burn-out πŸ™‚ Seeing this today makes me want to finish it!

  12. I adore the peplum top, the flowers, everything! The jacket really takes the cake though… ADORE it! The vintage fabric and your awesome label are my favorite.

  13. I love it! As much as I love Project Run and Play I sometimes get a bit frustrated when “Fru-fru and impractical” wins over something as stylish, beautiful and practical as the outfit you’ve made here. Good luck! I reckon you have a winner!

  14. Cute jess! This look is totally YOU. That green fabric is gorgeous and I love the scallops. What a fun piece of art to use!

  15. You have my vote! I’m both a sewist and an artist who loves to design and sew clothing for children. I can see the inspiration (as opposed to a copy) in your outfit. I love your design!

  16. A really sweet, modern take on the artwork! Love the details on the coat. Good luck and have FUN!

  17. So stinking adorable! All of those pieces are amazing alone and just perfect together. Did you use a pattern for that jacket, or have a tutorial coming? Heck, I could see that in adult sizes too!

  18. That jacket! I love it! The button tab in the back is the perfect final touch.

  19. That is insanely cute!!! AHHH…it is seeing what you make that makes me long for a girl…hahaha…GOOD LUCK!

  20. Amazing job! I loved everything about this outfit, and want that peplum top for myself. πŸ™‚ The jacket is to die for! Keep the good stuff coming.

  21. Love love love it all, Jess! The colors are dreamy, the headband makes me swoon. The peplum top is adorable – love the zipper! I can never resist polka dots! And then that jacket!!!!! Scallops, piping, vintage lining??? Does it get better?

  22. This outfit just screams spring! If only our weather would match πŸ™‚

  23. Fabulous, fantastic! The headband is simply exceptional!

  24. Wow, the jacket is just beautiful! I love the lining and button tab!

  25. Love the little peplum shirt with the exposed zipper and the headband is beautiful! I’m always a fan of a snazzy jacket lining too!

  26. That is so cute! I love the whole outfit. The button tab in the back is the perfect finishing detail, and that jacket lining is so pretty! I love the collar on the peplum top too.

  27. Ah Jess, I love every detail of this sweet little outfit! Love how you put a modern spin on your artwork, the colors you chose, the perfect fit on Sadie, the photos…it’s all great.

    Oh and I’m blushing – I just loved seeing your creative process evolve!! Thanks for letting me be a part of it. πŸ™‚

  28. I love Sadie’s outfit, and Impressionist art! The jacket and peplum top are my favorite pieces, and they fit your little one perfectly. Great, great job! You should sell patterns of those tailored beauties…

  29. Magnifique! Bravo!

  30. What a wonderful idea! You can really feel the painting in the clothes. The colors are so fresh and fantastic. Well done!! (Says the art history major)

  31. Of all the wonderful designs posted for this week’s challenge, this one is my favorite. It is everyday wearable and comfortable but each piece is a charming little work of art. The little hidden pocket and scallops on the jacket are wonderful details as are the lace bows on the ankles of the butter yellow pants. The headpiece is a delight. Your color choices were ‘spot on’ with your chosen piece of art. This was truly inspiring on a number of levels.

  32. Absolutely love everything in this outfit!!! That peplum top is completely awesome–you could sell a gazillion patterns if you made it into one ;). Great job Jess. You are amazing!

  33. I love your design!!! And I’ve just voted for you!!! Hope, you’ll make it!

  34. Such a sweet ensemble, Jess! That green jacket is absolutely precious….loving the front scallops and tab in the back.

  35. best outfit ever ever ever. serious.

  36. Incredible! I have been searching for the perfect jacket pattern for a 4yr old and now I don’t think I’ll be able to get this one out of my mind! Good luck!

  37. such sweet details πŸ™‚

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