Jolly Holiday dress+cummerbund tutorial

So, here it is! The Jolly Holiday dress that I vowed to make. Actually, it pretty much got made that next day, but then we were waiting for the hat to arrive, and then Sadie didn't feel like modeling/eating candy....blah dee blah. I am super happy with how it turned out! I used this dress as my guide. She looks pretty darn cute in it, I've … [Read more...]

Jolly Holiday party prep

I have been up to my eyeballs (gross expression) in party planning and prep-for Sadie's third birthday party. It's....drumroll....well, duh. Mary Poppins! We have had the theme picked out for a long time, and Sadie is so excited! She adores the movie and all the songs and characters. So here are some of my party supplies I've been gathering … [Read more...]

cute as a button party dress

So, Charlotte's first birthday is almost upon us. GASP! I am shocked at how fast this first year went, much faster than it did with Sadie. I've (of course) already been in full party planning mode for her (and Sadie's) parties, and so decided to knock out her party dress early. The theme is "Cute as a Button". Cute right?! ( a … [Read more...]

so many parties… little sister Joanna got engaged this past weekend! (ok, she's not that little anymore, but still...) I am soo excited and happy for her and her fiance, Cody. (fiance...weird!) We've always looked forward to planning her wedding, so now it's crunch time! They're getting married in the middle of August...less than three months away. … [Read more...]

pin the cherry on the ice cream cone

I thought I'd show you a few things I've been working on for Sadie's party, so here's a game I made the other day. Pin the cherry on the ice cream cone.gah! cute. I know toddlers probably won't really "get" this game, but the cute factor is off the charts! (in my head it is at least...)I used wrapping paper for the ice cream part, two layers … [Read more...]