Mary Poppins hat+spray paint storage tip

So I found the perfect black straw hat thrifting ($3), and could NOT pass it up! I mean, it’s the spitting image of Mary Poppins hat, right? I knew it would be perfect for a party prop.

All that remained was to add some cherries and daisies. Easy peasy, right? Only my craft store had no berries large enough, or red enough.

Woe is me!

My life is so rough.

Sad day….

So I had to get creative. I found these round wooden doll heads…and bingo-my problems were solved!  (whew! I was hitting a new low there for a minute)

I simply folded over the ends of some floral wire, glued them in the little hole…

…stuck them in some styrofoam, and spray painted them red with a glossy paint.

Here’s a fun tip for storing your spray paint-I use a wine box. No I didn’t drink that much wine just to get the cool box. 😉 I don’t drink any alcohol actually… but when I bought Rory’s root beer, they put it in this box for me to take home. It just so happens that the little slots for bottles are the perfect size for spray paint cans. (and space for some gloves-a fingertip saver!)

I apparently have many shades of white. (this didn’t include some of my more colorful cans, those were spread out around my craft room. See? I needed this box, so bad)

Then I simply hot glued on some fake daisies and trimmed down the wire as needed and glued on the doll heads-er-I mean cherries. 
Agh! too cute.


  1. That hat is PERFECT!!! what a find, it was meant to be.

  2. so cute!

  3. That is a perfect find!! And you made it so cute with the wood beads!

  4. Practically perfect in every way! Such a great idea. It looks fantastic.

  5. Excellent idea on the ‘cherries’

  6. Once again you hit a homer! Great hat!
    And I’m thinking some black spray paint from your handy storage box would turn a hat of another color into a Mary Poppins hat if one couldn’t find a black hat.


  7. Great!!! Looks perfect!

  8. I’m going to be Mary Poppins for Halloween and I, too, was fretting over finding the right cherries–I was trying to recall if I’ve even seen such things in the floral dept. lately… but wooden doll heads? Yes. I may even have some in my stash…

    Thanks!!! And like you, I’m glad my worries are as simple as finding the right cherries for a dumb hat–I realize that so many others are not so blessed and have “real” worries.

  9. Ooo, it’s perfect. Now you just need those purple shoes she had.

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