oliver and s garden party dress

Have you guys seen the new spring patterns from Oliver and S? They're all adorable, and Liesl was nice enough to send me the Garden Party Dress pattern ahead of time to play around with! Of course, I was a bit of a slacker and just now sewed one up, but I wish I hadn't waited-it's FANTASTIC. I really loved this pattern. When I sew with Oliver and S … [Read more...]

fort firefly roller skate dress

  I am on a bit of a Roller Skate dress/top kick binge lately. I've got yet another one cut out for Ava on my sewing table RIGHT NOW. I just can't help myself...it's easy, fairly quick, adorable, and great for using up ye ol' fabric stash since it's easy to make reversible. I'm doing my best to deplete the stash but it keeps growing back! har … [Read more...]

Sewing for Kindergarten-Hopscotch skirt & shirt

 I sew for my kids pretty much year round, so pretty much: constantly. We all know this by now, hm? But it's especially exciting to be making some new back-to-school clothes for my little Kindergartener! Sadie is LOVING school so far and she loves wearing her new school clothes, mixed with momma made, of course. (or else...*stern face*) She is … [Read more...]

feather and herringbone roller skate top

So, school picture day was yesterday and I got an itch to sew up something special for Sadie to wear the night before. I hoped she would like it-there's no telling these days...but I sealed the deal by picking out some feather fabric to work with.Sadie has a growing feather collection (she's so hip, right?) that started after she got a turkey … [Read more...]

Strawberry hopscotch tunic

So I picked up one of the Oliver and S patterns I didn't have in my stash during a big sale they had last month-the Hopscotch Skirt and tee (and dress!) I had some Briar Rose knit burning a hole in my hypothetical sewing pocket so I just had to get it out of  my system with a quick dress turned tunic. I don't know why but I chopped off a few inches … [Read more...]

KCWC: puppet show shorts and liberty top

So...starting to wind down from the high of KCWC-I personally challenge myself to make as many pieces as possible...and I think I averaged 3 pieces per day. I don't recommend this. I am wiped out! But hey, Sadie's spring/summer wardrobe is looking pretty good! So there's that. :} This outfit is one of my faves! Let's talk about the top first, cause … [Read more...]

KCWC: family reunion top and go to leggings

I kicked off Kids Clothes Week a little early and finished up this top on Sunday...then the leggings today! I had just enough left from making this top (from Girl Charlee: use the code Crafty10 for 10% off your purchase) to sew up the capri-length leggings. I used the Go To Leggings pattern (affiliate link) and I love it! The fit is just about … [Read more...]

Sadie’s Roller Skate Easter dress

  Well, all the Easter dresses have been sewn! A minor miracle, due to some buckling down, pumped-up pep talks to myself (complete with rock anthem), and chocolate chips, of course. Those will get me through almost anything. Just need to get some pics of Avie girl in hers....So here's the low down on the Sadester's dress:Fabric:  Kumari Garden … [Read more...]

little blue bear hat

Ok, I know I've become a bit of an Oliver and S groupie....I swear I'm not a paid advertiser for them (though I would totally take that gig!)....I just am totally in love with their patterns! I've also rarely sewn things from the sewing books I do have, so the fact that this one has so many patterns I want to try is making me go a little nuts! … [Read more...]

Sadie’s book dress

  I got the right color of thread! woohoo! Hey, that was quite the feat for a gal 2 days from her due date. Hitting up the fabric store with two slightly rambunctious young girls is a feat worth receiving a medal for. Am I right? (I am) Anyways-this being the third time I've sewn up this pattern (yes I'm slightly obsessed with it!), it came … [Read more...]