little blue bear hat

Ok, I know I’ve become a bit of an Oliver and S groupie….I swear I’m not a paid advertiser for them (though I would totally take that gig!)….I just am totally in love with their patterns! I’ve also rarely sewn things from the sewing books I do have, so the fact that this one has so many patterns I want to try is making me go a little nuts! Must. Make. All. The. Projects!

Plus I just so handily happened upon a couple of remnants at Joanns-some blue velveteen and cream fleece. Both pieces were 50% off so they were about $9 together…. Nice deal, eh?

So this was a really quick and easy sew! I think it might become a new favorite of mine for gift giving! I sewed up a size small for Charlotte and it fit her a little large, Sadie perfectly. I made another one of these in size extra small for my adorable year old niece Evelyn for Christmas…I hope she likes it!

Charlotte loves it! Sadie requested one with a pink inside….of course. Silly me thinking she would want blue!


  1. So cute! If I had kids, Oliver and S would be my go-to as well. Such beautiful, beautiful things!

  2. So cute:)

  3. Just adorable! I’ve made this hat too a few times, it looks gorgeous on any kid…

  4. So sweet!
    My daughter would love blue!

  5. She’s so lush I just want to squidge her! 🙂

  6. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  7. She looks so darling in it!!!!

  8. She looks so darling in it!!!!

  9. Oh so cute! Honestly, why are our blue-eyed big girls so blue-averse?! It looks so great on them! Charlotte’s eyes are just gorgeous in these photos. 🙂 I’m addicted to that book, too.

  10. so cute 🙂

  11. Aww, Charlotte is so cute! The hat is cute too. =)

  12. Your kiddos are adorable! And this bear hat is TO DIE FOR! So cute!

  13. Ohhhh your little model is just too cute. She show cases this adorable had to perfection.

  14. Oh my goodness her little chubby cheeks are just the cutest!!!!!! xD


  15. I think my ovaries just exploded from the cute!!! The hat’s great but that sweetie pie…!

  16. You have the most adorable daughter – she’s just beautiful. LOVE the hat and will be making one for my equaly adorable granddaughter!!

  17. I just realized part of the reason that little smile gets to me is because my little two year old also smiles so hard in chubby cheeks that it kindof like this:
    lol 😉 That is such a cute hat! Don’t tempt me to buy more books, you know not what you do! It’s an avalanche situation!

  18. I love her stuff too! So amazing.

  19. Aww, so cute and adorable!

  20. So cute! I have got to get my hands on that book! 🙂

  21. Aww, too cute! My mom made me a sheep hat similar to this back (way back) when I was little for a Christmas nativity play–still have it!

  22. That little face is killing me! She is so adorable! And the hat is cute too!

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