Strawberry hopscotch tunic

So I picked up one of the Oliver and S patterns I didn’t have in my stash during a big sale they had last month-the Hopscotch Skirt and tee (and dress!) I had some Briar Rose knit burning a hole in my hypothetical sewing pocket so I just had to get it out of  my system with a quick dress turned tunic. I don’t know why but I chopped off a few inches and turned it into a tunic-probably because I was sewing late at night (late for me at least) and I never make good decisions late at night. (did I mention it was late at night?)

har har.

But anyways-it still turned out really cute and Sadie is smitten with the strawberries-and now Charlotte wants one too. So good thing I got some in the other colorway!

Lets talk about the pattern-I sewed up a 4T-and the fit is perfect. I love the sweet cross over front bodice and used a double needle on my hems and it is probably one of the most professional looking knit pieces I’ve made. In my lame opinion at least. It’s a quick sew-I’m not sure how much time total it took me because I kept getting distracted by the last few episodes of Drop Dead Diva, but it’s quick! Probably less than an hour even with tracing and cutting out. I have a 4T hopscotch skirt all cut out so hopefully I can sew it up soon.

So in summary:

strawberry fabric=good.
Oliver and S= always good.
The fact that I used a fabric within weeks of purchasing it=a miracle.

 Have you made anything with the Briar Rose line yet? It seems to be the hot new fabric these days. I should get my hands on some of the cottons before they sell out!


  1. Wow, really one hour?! My clock must go too fast when I sew! I’d spend at least an hour to trace and cut out a pattern let alone sew it.
    This is a lovely tunic. I like the shorter length.

  2. I love it as a tunic! I say yeah for late-night what-was-I-thinkings!

  3. Super duper cute, as always! 🙂

  4. I have been eyeing this fabric and I’m seriously loving the pattern you used with it. love-love-love!

  5. Sweet!

  6. Question: if you want to purchase fabric but don’t yet have a pattern you want to use, how do you decide how much fabric to purchase??

    P.S. LOVE your blog!

  7. Miracles do happen after all 🙂 Love it 🙂

  8. Cute! How could strawberry-print fabric be anything but good? =)

  9. Strawberries – so hot right now! I love this top and Sadie looks like she might be getting taller, eh? Such a cute little 5 year old!

  10. I got one of the floral brier rose knits and will most likely be making the hopscotch top or tunic. Love this one in the strawberries! I’m not a night person at all (tried to be but just can’t do it, I get nauseous. All my friends in high school could stay up till the next day but not me)so I understand!

  11. So cute and comfy! I have that pattern burning a hypothetical hole in my pattern stash, waiting for me to get through my to do list (pinwheel dress for the first day of preschool, a minkee coat for Ansley, and a coat for me).

  12. Cant wait to be able to makes things like this. I just finished making a handfull of envelope pillow cases, so I think this is still a little out of my realm of talent.

  13. Seriously, those strawberries … everyone loves them! I actually cut a geranium tunic last night with the pink strawberry print, and was mad as can be when I realized I cut the back skirt pieces upside down. Grrr. Oh well, at least it is the back!

    Love this as a tunic. I have this pattern and always forget about it. Time to pull it out for some fall tops… 🙂

  14. Love it, as always. Thank you for the inspiration. I am a beginniner in sewing. 🙂

  15. Pretty girl!! great look 🙂

  16. Love those strawberries! And such a cute tunic too 🙂

  17. oliver and s…..always great. I haven’t seen many versions of this pattern, but I love yours! It’s super sweet


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