Sadie’s Roller Skate Easter dress


Well, all the Easter dresses have been sewn! A minor miracle, due to some buckling down, pumped-up pep talks to myself (complete with rock anthem), and chocolate chips, of course. Those will get me through almost anything. Just need to get some pics of Avie girl in hers….

So here’s the low down on the Sadester’s dress:
Fabric:  Kumari Garden Collection from Imagine Fabric
Pattern: Oliver and S Roller Skate Dress

I made a size 3T-which was just about a perfect fit. It could’ve been a little longer for my gal, (cause she’s 3T in chest size, not height) so if when I make another I will have to remember to lengthen it. I also double layered the neckline facing so it’s a bit stiff. it was too sheer otherwise, grr.  Also the V is crooked…but it’s all in the charm of handmade….right? 😉 It’s a really great pattern-I always learn something new when I sew with an Oliver and S pattern-and it always turns out a beautiful garment-inside and out! I have plans to sew the tunic when summertime rolls around!

 Guys. I am so excited to have found the perfect dress for this button. (not vice versa…haha.) It’s vintage and glass, I think, and I’ve been saving it for, like….ever. I pretty much have a big crush on it. I would go on about how much I love this button some more, but I think I’d better stop before it gets mushy.

 I lost my scraps somehow, from the main fabric, so I used a piece from Charlotte’s dress for the button loop-and I love how that turned out! I can’t wait to get a pic of them all together! They look so sweet right now hanging on my sewing room wall….I kinda want to hang them back up after they wear them on Easter….

p.s. working on that stamp carving post! Probably will be posted next week…. 🙂

p.p.s. Last day for Sew-Off auditions!


  1. Very cute! I like the contrasting button loop, too. I am glad you are all finished- and with days to spare, too!
    I have two of my four dresses cut out and made a quick run for more fabric and trims last night. Today, I will start sewing! I stocked up on Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate chips, too. 🙂

  2. awww – I love it, the combination of fabric to pattern is great. I have my dress ‘mostly done’ I say mostly because my buttons have gone mysteriously missing (hubs fessed up that he ‘may’ have thrown them away – gah). Hugs to homemade touches for our daughters ;o)

  3. So so sos os so sos os so so so so so so so cute! Glad to see the Skater Dress here, I love it!!!

  4. I am loving all the Easter dress posts! So many gorgeous springy fabrics out there! And this floral is amazing. I noticed the Charlotte scrap on Instagram and LOVED it with the colors in this fabric. So pretty.

  5. So cute! I can’t wait to see all 3 dresses together!

  6. Adorable! I LOVE that button–it really makes the dress and I think the little button loop adds so much by being a different fabric–nicely done!

    I have four kids (5, 2.5, 2.5 & 18mos) and I am constantly envious of how much sewing you are able to accomplish with three little ones! The only time I get anything done is after they all go to bed and then I’m up all night and yawning the next day. Hats off to you–seriously impressive!

  7. That button is pretty awesome. And so is that fabric!!!

  8. That button is pretty awesome. And so is that fabric!!!

  9. looking forward to the stamp carving post!

    I’d been eyeing that fabric, but couldn’t tell how it would look on the scale of a real project. My mind is made up, I’m a fan!

  10. You never disappoint me, so cute. I think I have a crush on that button too. I’m so impressed you used it instead of hoarding it like I tend to do.

  11. Beautiful!

  12. That is the perfect dress for that button… so cute! Love it. =)

  13. So cute! How long did it take you to put together (from cutting fabric to final pressing)? Trying to see if
    I could squeeze one in before Easter.

    Love it!

  14. Beautiful! Love the headband too. Is that the same as the circle fabric flower in your tutorials?

  15. I LOVE this dress! Great job 🙂

  16. Oh it’s so pretty on her! Love it. Those roller skates seem so comfy, too. I added 1″ to the hem of Em’s size 3. Our girlies must be exactly the same size!

  17. so, SO beautiful! love this dress!

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