KCWC: puppet show shorts and liberty top

So…starting to wind down from the high of KCWC-I personally challenge myself to make as many pieces as possible…and I think I averaged 3 pieces per day. I don’t recommend this. I am wiped out! But hey, Sadie’s spring/summer wardrobe is looking pretty good! So there’s that. :}

This outfit is one of my faves! Let’s talk about the top first, cause that print is fabu-freaking-tastic. Amiright? (I’m just makin’ up words left and right today, peeps!) It’s been on my wish list for a loong time, but I finally added it to my cart after seeing Jessica’s top using fabric from the same collection, Bloomsbury by Liberty Lifestyle. It’s fantastic because you get the look of Liberty, but at about half the price…and the hand is still very lusciously splendid. I used my Olivia top tutorial-need to get this made into a pattern, it’s so easy and fun. I wanted to keep the top simple since the fabric was pretty loud.

The shorts were made with a teal linen blend from Joanns-on sale so these only cost $5 in materials to make! Not including the pattern. Which is the Puppet Show short pattern from Oliver and S, available in a digital pattern…instant gratification! Again, fantastic pattern, I definitely recommend it. I have more linen coming to make more of these shorts! Although I think I will gather them more next time on the hem for my skinny legged gal.

Her eyes are a little glassy after a mid-shoot meltdown. Yeah, I think I’ll give her a break from photo shoots for awhile now…poor thing. She loves them but runs out of patience fast so she gets frustrated. She informed me I had two shots and that was it. Ha, ha.


  1. Super cute – great basics but that liberty fabric really takes it up a notch! I’ve been feeling a little bad about the kid photoshoots lately too. Em will tell me the same thing – “just two photos, mom!” ooooookaaaay.

  2. So fresh and pretty!

  3. That is the sweetest outfit and I love the fabrics. Those shorts definitely are in my que.

  4. Very cute! I love the simple lines of the top… and no wonder you are wiped out! I can’t even finish ONE thing most days. =)

  5. this outfit is simply perfection! the colors are amazing and so yummy. You are a freaking animal to crank out 3 perfect garments a day. *mouth a gap* go you, you are a rock star.
    p.s. when you are you going to blog about your princess leia shirt? cause it’s flipping amazing

  6. if this outfit doesn’t say “spring”, I don’t know what does! What a fresh, vibrant look, and I love the Liberty print you used. Need to go check out your tutorial – that top is adorable!

  7. Love seeing the results of your sewing magic:) you are so inspirational !!!!! This outfit is adorable:)

  8. Love the fabric choices! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Adorable!! Oh and the clothes too! Love love the shirt pattern me the color of the shorts is perfect.

    Sadie and my daughter have the same color hair, yet mine will never let me brush it so she looks ragamuffin all the time. Does Sadie fight brushing. Need some tips to get her hair lookin good!

  10. This outfit is adorable! Love the liberty print top and the teal shorts are such a great match. Just awesome!

  11. Oh my goodness, too much cute! I really love this look and must buy myself some of the affordable liberty. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Oo that top is gorgeous !! Will have to make one !

  13. I love the fabric you used for the top. Beautiful colours, and so summery! I recognized your Olivia Top immediately. Great tutorial that is. I’ve used it a few times now for my girls and neices! You’re one very clever Mum!

  14. I absolutely love all the clothes you made this week! They will definitely be the inspiration for a few of my own!

  15. Jess, I just love everything you sew for your precious girls, this outfit is gorgeous!

    I definitely sew for girls vicariously through you because I love your style! (Only boys here).

  16. how did you do three in a day? I did almost one a day and was exhausted! Are you up all night or do you get time to sew during the day somehow??? Everything has been beautiful!

  17. wow, that fabric is fabulous. I just want to reach through the screen and pet it! The whole outfit is super adorable and perfect for spring. Love it!!

  18. Anonymous says

    Hey there. I followed you here from Pinterest. It was a pin about how-to arm holes. I can’t seem to find that blog. Would you mind bumping it, or posting the link to it?

    I have the WORST time with armholes in my pattern-making!


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