grad cupcakes

My little sister graduated from our community college last night...she was honored, got a plaque for being a honor scholar. What a smarty pants. jk, congrats Jo. We had a little party after wards for her at our house, so of course I had to make a last minute banner, and cupcakes!They're made from upside down Reese's cups, chocolate covered graham … [Read more...]

so many parties… little sister Joanna got engaged this past weekend! (ok, she's not that little anymore, but still...) I am soo excited and happy for her and her fiance, Cody. (fiance...weird!) We've always looked forward to planning her wedding, so now it's crunch time! They're getting married in the middle of August...less than three months away. … [Read more...]

thank you

I got the sweetest package in the mail yesterday from my super sweet bloggy friend Corey. She sent a gorgeous card, the sweetest, softest, pink hat for the baby, and a cute little big sister bracelet for Sadie. All packaged in adorable fabric bags. I was so surprised!What a wonderful gesture from someone I've never even met in real life. It just … [Read more...]

getting ready

We are in the home stretch for baby #2! A little more than 8 weeks and counting. Rory is good about reminding me to get things buying newborn diapers (oh my gosh...are they REALLY that tiny? I'd forgotten), washing and sorting the 0-3 month clothes, etc....I'm more about the crafting! lol. Like these big sis/lil' sis shirts I made for … [Read more...]

we’ve been busy… play dates...said goodbye to some fun girls who moved...we'll miss them!...smearing our faces with chocolate. (ok, that was just Sadie)...running errands in style with Momma....making (ok, eating) fruit loop necklaces with Rayne....and having a picnic at the park, with dads in tow!...isn't spring great! What have you been up to? … [Read more...]


...finishing up some last minute birthday shopping/craftiness. Three of my siblings have birthdays within one week of each other. yikes! (two are twins though...) AND I missed my sister in law Stephanie's birthday last month. Sorry Steph...something is on it's way in the mail for you! grateful and encouraged for and by your AWESOME, wonderful, … [Read more...]

s’more please mommy?

The other night after Rory left for Scouts (his job at church), I decided to make some S'mores bars...and Sadie wanted to help. I got her toy hammer and let her go to town on the graham crackers.She did not quite make it "to town", but she had fun snacking on graham crackers and banging the hammer around. Later...I got the marshmallows out, and … [Read more...]

scraped knee and drama

Our local theme park, Gilroy Gardens (I will always call it Bonfante Gardens, though...the original name), had a free day today for Gilroy we decided to pay the 50 cents in gas and go see if we could have some fun!Unfortunately, Sadie was not in on the plan.Just kidding, it wasn't that bad...but she only went on one ride, with Rory, … [Read more...]

are you kidding?

This morning we packed the Sadester up and headed to Lowe's for some bathroom supplies. Not toilet paper (I wouldn't post about THAT)...tile, grout, trowels...can you guess what we're about to undertake? Yup, we're finally redoing the bathrooms. But that's not what this post is about.This is what this post is about.We walked past a clearance rack … [Read more...]


My new baby came on a fed ex truck yesterday. No, not the one in my new Kitchen Aid! Yep, I finally came down to a few factors, and the Kitchen Aid won. (all you Bosch lovers, don't ditch my blog, please! hehe)I made some breadsticks last night cause Rory was so anxious for me to try it. He kept hovering and even washed … [Read more...]