busy, busy

We've been very busy around here lately.... busy working our neck muscles... busy playing with barbies (and the mounds of clothes she now has)....and I've been clocking some hours at my sewing machine...working on some fun upcoming projects.  ...and clothes for the girls. (of course)  ...and something for me! hope it turns out ok. ;)  Also … [Read more...]

silly girl

When I get Sadie up from her nap, I usually lay Charlotte down on her toddler bed while changing her Majesty's pooeyness.After THAT fun tradition is over, Sadie loves sitting next to her and chatting it up. The other day, I went to grab something from the other room, and came back to a guilty look. "What are you doing?" I asked, thinking she was … [Read more...]

bear with me…

...as I try and make it through the next few weeks. I'm going to make my mom attempt to make this fabric: into a version of this dress: (I don't remember where I found this image, sorry! if you do, let me know) It's going to be Sadie's flower girl dress for my sister's wedding. Only with a dark teal fabric for the waist. (Joanna, do you … [Read more...]

How do I do it?

I get asked this question sometimes, or some form of it...How do you do it? Sew....blog....blow your nose....(well, not that last one)PLEASE don't assume I, in any way, shape, or form, have it "all together". It's all smoke and mirrors folks! Blogs tend to show the best of people's lives...which isn't bad, you just don't see the mess covering my … [Read more...]


sometimes our little photo shoots don't go as planned...and I get gems like these:"zombie Sadie""the licker""the pouter""the cry baby" Don't worry, she was crying because she wanted to get off the chair...not because I was forcing her to pose. Well, I guess putting her on the chair and pointing a camera at her is the same thing...oh well. The point … [Read more...]

so far…

Charlotte hates baths.......looks cute in headbands...(look for a tutorial soon!)...and she has this girl totally confused.Poor thing. The Sadester just doesn't understand why mommy can't dote on her anymore! I can only partially dote on her these days. But really. We've been doing pretty good lately...it helps that Charlotte sleeps. A LOT. just … [Read more...]


...enjoying my TWO (!) girls and having Rory at home. He's been such an enormous help...doing dishes, cleaning up, changing diapers, entertaining Sadie. What an awesome Dad/hubby he is. Just had to gush for a little bit....getting used to our new normal....feeling pretty good about our new normal. (right now at least!)...loving on this cute face. … [Read more...]

we have a winner…

So, without further ado......the winner of the giveaway is... Baby Talks! Yay! Her guesses for the girl names were Rachel and Carrie....I'm going to make you all wait to find out our picks though! muwahaha I'm so mean. I will say that many of you guessed right! Although no one guessed both options. It was either or. lol! Hopefully this little girl … [Read more...]

check out my new baby

haha. gotcha! Not THAT new baby. Rory finally made good on his Mother's Day promise to buy me a serger. Yahoo! (Although he did get his Father's Day present-a jigsaw-before I got my Mother's Day present....hmmm....)So, I am now the proud new owner of a Brother serger. Well, it's not exactly HERE yet, but will be soon. Hopefully I have some time to … [Read more...]


here's a glimpse into our life lately...Diaper bag and hospital bag packed and waiting...I think I'm ready physically. Mentally? maybe not.Freshly painted toesies...there must be some kind of DNA girls have that tells you how to walk after a pedicure, you know, with your toes curled up? Cause Sadie was totally doing that. Hilarious!Can't let over … [Read more...]