so many parties…

Soooo….my little sister Joanna got engaged this past weekend! (ok, she’s not that little anymore, but still…) I am soo excited and happy for her and her fiance, Cody. (fiance…weird!) We’ve always looked forward to planning her wedding, so now it’s crunch time! They’re getting married in the middle of August…less than three months away. (also, on Sadie’s birthday, by the way) So we’ve been in a planning frenzy for the wedding/reception.

Also…a bridal shower needs to be planned and thrown, by me, maid of honor extraordinaire. (NOT matron, if you call me that I may sock you)

and…Sadie’s second birthday party.

AND….all of these will be going on within a week of each other. Yup, one week. No joke. The perfect storm of parties.

Oh, and did I mention I’ll have a month old baby? not to mention the Sadester…

YIKES. Wish me luck, please, and uber party planning skillz and organization! I think I can, I think I can…

Linked below to where I found pictures…for the ones I know of for sure, the rest I found on google looking for inspiration and didn’t save links to. ooops.

Here are some of my ideas for my sister’s bridal shower…she’s not really girly-girly, and loves her a backyard BBQ/picnic, so I went with that theme…plus, it seems like it would be pretty low key and simple to pull off. I HOPE.

Lemonade, cupcakes, colorful straws, watermelon, gingham, pinwheels…all scream picnic and summer to me. Now, to plan, order, and make an excel spreadsheet with checklists. (yes, I really do that for parties, it’s the only way to go)


  1. JOANNA’s getting MARRIED???? OH my gosh! Time is seriously flying!! WOW!!! I remember when she was just a WEE LITTLE THING! I totally WISH YOU LUCK WITH ALL OF THIS!!!

  2. I love checklists! They are my friend ๐Ÿ™‚ The party will be so cute, I’m positive about that!

  3. mmmm….spreadsheets….
    So, yeah, good luck with all that! I’m sure you can pull it off! (says the girl who had her mom stay for 3 weeks to watch her 2 yr old when #2 was born so she could stay in bed all day)

  4. It will be fun! I did my daughters wedding and have one word of advice: Hire at least 4 reliable kids to help set up, clean up and restock. You won’t regret it!!! (I didn’t have enough help and almost missed the ceremony!)

  5. Exciting! Sounds like a fun theme. I’m getting married August 2011 so I have lots of time to plan but I love thinking about August weddings!

  6. My favorite make-ahead for a picnic is to cube up a watermelon, mix it up with some chopped mint and put in the fridge overnight. The next day, no matter how hot it gets, the watermelon is so refreshing. Although everyone will ask you what the green stuff is on the melon…

  7. You don’t want to be called “matron of honor” I can totally understand that. When I got married my best friend was getting divorced. We decided that my husband’s attendant was his best man, so she became my best lady. And my sister was a bridesmaid (she was glad not to have the stress of best lady role).

  8. Great place to look for party inspiration:

    Good luck on your parties! Can’t wait to read about them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. My dear darling daughter: You are married, yes? You have a child and another on the way, yes? Enjoy growing up!

  10. fun stuff! I love your theme though, great ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. you can do it… we all have faith in you. x.

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