s’more please mommy?

The other night after Rory left for Scouts (his job at church), I decided to make some S’mores bars…and Sadie wanted to help. I got her toy hammer and let her go to town on the graham crackers.

She did not quite make it “to town”, but she had fun snacking on graham crackers and banging the hammer around. Later…I got the marshmallows out, and after trying one of those, Sadie was having nothing to do with the graham crackers. I guess I can’t blame her.

Sugar vs Graham? Sugar wins every time with kids. 😉

Anyways, I started tossing the marshmallows up in the air and catching them in my mouth. (well, trying to anyways…I used to be a lot better at it…maybe my belly throws off my balance. Yeah, that’s it.) Sadie thought it was the. funniest. thing. ever.

She almost fell off her chair she was laughing at me so hard. hehe! I think she thought it was funnier when I missed and made a mess on the floor. Kind of like, Mommy made a mess! haha!

Anyways, it was one of those moments that makes motherhood so, so worth it.

oh, and if you want a GOOD laugh…go and check out the posts today on this blog.

I think I cried laughing. awesome.


  1. Sounds like a faun way to spend an evening!

  2. I mean fun!

  3. Such a cute moment to share! I love that last picture of her! She’s looking so grown up these days!

  4. You’re such an awesome mom!
    I love s’more bars.

  5. ok sophie HATES marshmallows!? what is wrong with my child? she always says, “icky mommy!” must be a texture thing.

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