sprucing up

Our master room has been in desperate need of some sprucing up. It still needs some window treatments (and better furniture) but those will happen someday....In the mean time, I found this cute duvet cover at Home Goods and made some pillows and wall art to try and make it look like adults live here. I love the monograms I made for our "sides" … [Read more...]

crafty room

I've shown my craft room here and here, but I recently deep-cleaned it and I'd changed a few things so I took a few pictures the other day. I also love to see "behind the scenes" if you will, of other bloggers. Hope you do too! I love my little "inspiration" board, made with twine and nails. Nothing unique or fancy, just a fun place to fill with … [Read more...]

evolution of a room

the evolution of the nursery was as follows: (prepare yourself) this is what the nursery looked like when we bought our house almost 2 years ago. yikes, right?!I was loving the palm tree border and lovely light switch...but they had to go.(go ahead, don't be scared...take a closer look)my favorite were the random cords sticking out of the … [Read more...]

crafts. messes. how fun.

sadie and i did a little valentine's day crafting today. and by we, i mean me.she did help me clean up the little foam hearts...kinda. well, she handed a few to me. we made this cute little garland for her play kitchen. i got a container of foam hearts in the dollar spot at target last year, and remembered to break them out this year before … [Read more...]

movin’ around

there's been some shifting in the christian household over the past few weeks. what with the baby coming in about 5 months, we needed somewhere to put said baby.so. we booted rory into the kitchen/family room, and got him this super nice desk off of craigslist to make him feel better about losing his man cave. although it wasn't so much a man cave … [Read more...]

DIY headboard

so, about a week ago we woke up to a crashing sound...one of our picture frames had fallen down, luckily not on anything valuable. (like our heads) i muttered something to rory after taking down the other two pictures: i want to make a headboard....i saw it online.....looks pretty easy....ZZZZZZzzzzz. surprisingly, i actually remembered my sleepily … [Read more...]


i am so lucky to have a whole room dedicated to making messes.oh wait, that's the rest of my house too.nonetheless, this is the funnest room to make messes in.i try to keep it clean...it just doesn't work most of the time. fabric is the hardest. i recently stacked it as neatly as i could and took a picture to prove it. it doesn't look like this … [Read more...]

we’re in a magazine!

no, that's not our kitchen on the cover. (it is nice though) however, it is the cover of the latest issue of Kitchen and Bath Makeovers. (a better homes and gardens special interest publication) why would i be showing you this? cause our kitchen is in it!awhile back, after our kitchen was posted on Young House Love (formerly known as this young … [Read more...]

Quick change

So...Saturday after my morning shower I mentioned off-hand to Rory,"we should take down that stupid sliding shower door sometime". It would make giving Sadie a bath in there so much nicer. It's very awkward now, what with my elbow in the toilet and my knee on the plunger. Not so sanitary either. We had talked about it before...but never acted on … [Read more...]

and the winner is….

Thanks to the four of you who entered the giveaway drawing! Made for good chances... :) Thanks to my lovely assistant Rory, who took time out of his busy schedule of watching the TV to help. Drum roll please...And the winner is... yay for Courtenay!! Courtenay said "okay I sort of want to wait to 'enter' for the contest, because who ever gets … [Read more...]