evolution of a room

the evolution of the nursery was as follows: (prepare yourself)

this is what the nursery looked like when we bought our house almost 2 years ago. yikes, right?!

I was loving the palm tree border and lovely light switch…but they had to go.

(go ahead, don’t be scared…take a closer look)

my favorite were the random cords sticking out of the walls…

…and the random half a wall of wall paper over the coral paint. huh? (hopefully my brother and sister don’t hate me for posting this picture…..they’re in utah at least so can’t do much! nah nah)

a paint job, new trim….carpet…works wonders.

when I looked at these pictures of Sadie’s nursery….I started feeling SOO nostalgic. For those days when she was itty bitty and life seemed a bit simpler. (as simple as life with a newborn can be) sigh…

Well, now I don’t think I would decorate the same way, but that was what I liked back then. It’s funny how your tastes can change!

Now this is what it looks like for the new baby.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the fabric you used in the new and improved nursery. It’s so bright and cheerful. Great job Jessica. Now you can relax and enjoy the last part of your pregnancy.

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