movin’ around

there’s been some shifting in the christian household over the past few weeks. what with the baby coming in about 5 months, we needed somewhere to put said baby.

so. we booted rory into the kitchen/family room, and got him this super nice desk off of craigslist to make him feel better about losing his man cave. although it wasn’t so much a man cave as it was a room with a folding table, computer, rock band instruments, and a star wars poster on the wall. (someday honey, you can have another one.)

we’re very happy with the desk, it was a great deal! we (meaning rory) did have to do a little work on it, the person who put it together didn’t quite know how to handle a hammer apparently.

anyways…this leaves rory’s old room available for…the sadester! her very own big girl room! i’ve gotta say, this gets me really excited, and it seems like sadie likes to hang out in there, too. we’ll see how she feels once a crying baby “steals” her old room.

a pretty blank slate to work with! i’ve got big plans…and hopefully enough time to finish them all.

rory finished the closet doors and shelves last weekend, and sadie has already broken them in, as you can see. now, for a toddler bed, bedding, curtains, painting the dresser and nightstand, artwork, a book shelf, doll corner, and storage. can’t wait!


  1. I can’t wait to see what your magical hands do with Sadie’s room.

  2. Great idea a project to help pass the next few months away. I am sure you have ton’s of great ideas floating around in your ever so creative mind too! By the way the desk looks great!

  3. I can’t wait to see it all! AND i cant believe that she’s old enough for a BIG GIRL ROOM already!!! Holy cow, where has the time gone? Rory’s desk looks really good there! What a good deal! I love finding good things on Craigslist!

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