picnik and dada

I heart this picnik site. Too much fun! Today Sadie kept herself busy while Mom cleaned up around the house by emptying her toy basket. What a funny little girl! She thinks she is, she is always laughing to herself, it's so cute.I had crafting ADD today.During her morning nap I started making curtains for her room, then switched to making curtains … [Read more...]

our front yard and rhino hair.

Yesterday we went shopping for plants for the front yard. On a day that was about 100 degrees. In a greenhouse. Wow, not the smartest thing we've ever done, but oh well! We had Rory's parents (avid gardeners) to help us choose what to plant, since, if I was left to my own devices, I would pick something totally wrong and poisonous to boot. We … [Read more...]

cool shades

This was Sadie the other morning...bright, happy, and cheerful. (still had snot trails down her face though) She's had a vicious runny nose/congestion for the past few days. She's still a happy girl when she's sick...but a lot more touchy. The smallest thing will set her off! Hopefully her cold will be gone soon, cause she's not really much fun … [Read more...]


I did it. Went and clipped some flowers from the bush. In my defense, the plant is literally growing through the fence to get to our side. AND all the flowers I clipped barely made a dent. AND the neighbors don't care about the flowers on our side since they can't see them/therefore don't KNOW they're over here. Is there a law about this? I feel … [Read more...]

We are THAT interesting.

Rory spent the last two night putting together two of these bad boys for storage in our garage. (on sale!) It has become somewhat of a health hazard lately, with all the projects going on. So we decided to add organize the garage to the list.Which, really isn't that big of a project, but you know. Bugs and stuff live out there. Not at the top of my … [Read more...]

food storage

We just bought one of these this morning. I am actually really excited to get our food storage all in order! We have some in our pantry, but let's be honest, it's a mess and I can't fit all the food we need in here. It's deceptively small. (and messy, ignore the messiness please!)So we bought one and saved money with a coupon that came with a … [Read more...]

Crafting for babies…

Now, obviously Sadie cannot do crafts yet, so the title refers to me crafting for her. haha. dur. Anyways, here are some things I've been up to lately... Gathered some cross stitching hoops on the cheap and made this fabric art for Sadie's wall! Close up, cute huh? Soo easy too. New pillow for the rocking chair, and it looks so much better than … [Read more...]

Hall bathroom…

I had so much fun doing Miekka's mood board I thought I would whip up one for our hall bathroom. Now, we haven't even started working on it, but I have some ideas. I really want white subway tiles in the tub/shower area, and numbered hooks and that awesome wash behind your ears print. So let me know what you think...also if anyone else wants to … [Read more...]

Kitchen redo a go-go

A month or two ago I sent in pictures of our redone kitchen to This Young House, one of my favorite home design blogs. They post reader re-do's, befores and afters of rooms their readers have done. Well, they posted our kitchen today, you can find it by clicking here! While you're there, check out some of their rooms, or their wedding photos, … [Read more...]

The evolution of a backyard.

June last year, our second visit to the house, when we decided to put an offer in. Overgrown with who knows what...I was afraid to venture out there, so I stayed on the patio. Soon after we bought the house, the bank had the weeds whacked, gangster style. We were LOVING all of those pavers and rocks. hah. Yesterday. The pavers were long gone, … [Read more...]