crafts. messes. how fun.

sadie and i did a little valentine’s day crafting today. and by we, i mean me.

she did help me clean up the little foam hearts…kinda. well, she handed a few to me.

we made this cute little garland for her play kitchen. i got a container of foam hearts in the dollar spot at target last year, and remembered to break them out this year before valentine’s day had come and gone.

(a huge accomplishment in and of itself!)

and just to keep it real, this is what the sadester was doing off camera…knocking off all her alphabet magnets into the pile of play food she had pulled out earlier.

har har.

in the spirit of keeping it real…this is what the other side of the playroom looks like most of the time.

although, look at the pretty storage! nagging works! just kidding, rory. we finally got some storage out there last weekend, and after putting everything away i just sat and looked at it. ahh.
(it looked better than this picture.)

i am a nerd, i know.

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it’s a valentine’s day special!


  1. I like your garland. I tried to get my 5 year old twins and 2 year old interested in making some garlands for their rooms… I ended up doing it. (And I really want to hang them in my room.)
    Your new storage looks great. Might have to show it to my husband. That looks perfect for all our kids stuff! Great blog by the way!

  2. And I forgot to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the play kitchen you made for Sadie. It is fantastic.

  3. Very cute Valentine shirts and very nice post about your Etsy shop! Nice to see that you really are real;)

  4. Did you get the storage at ikea? I get excited about that kinda thing too 🙂

  5. fun stuff Jess! Love the storage, isn’t it funny how many toys you can accumulate in just over a year!?

  6. we got the storage at Lowe’s actually. pretty decent price, and we didn’t have to make it ourselves!

  7. Glad to see I’m not the only one with a toy mess!

  8. i do not think you are a nerd….i so love to be organized too! it feels great to have {and see!} everything in it’s place. although with little ones, it doesn’t stay that way long!

    love the valentine shirts! great post and plug for your etsy shop!

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