merry christmas

(our card was made by this talented lady...won them in a giveaway!) IT BEGAN IN A MANGERby Max LucadoTHE NOISE and the bustle began earlier than usual in the village. As night gave way to dawn, people were already on the streets. Vendors were positioning themselves on the corners of the most heavily traveled avenues. Store owners were unlocking … [Read more...]

oh christmas tree..

oh christmas tree,oh christmas tree!thy presents are so tempting...(do not fear, i stopped her from opening it. barely.) … [Read more...]

oh christmas tree..

we went and picked out our christmas tree yesterday with my family-always a tradition to do this the day after thanksgiving! we got it decorated, but no picture yet...anyways, here are some fun pics...sadie doing her "cheese" facethe gang. NO idea what justin is absolute new FAVORITE picture. i loove sadie's face in this one!we just can't … [Read more...]

turkey day and black friday

how was your thanksgiving? ours was great, thanks for asking. we had thanksgiving with my family this year, and it was huge! there were something like 25 people there, and the missionaries from our ward as well. there were tons of yummy appetizers to start us off, hummus, bacon wrapped jalapenos, cream cheese dip, artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms, … [Read more...]

howdy-er-happy halloween!

here's my happy little cow. ok, well, she's a cow. not so much happy in this should've seen her later at our ward's trunk or treat, walking everywhere with a pixie stick hanging out of her mouth. she was in heaven! sadly, i did not make any part of our costumes, but the cow costume was a dollar, so how could i say no to that?! rory and … [Read more...]

candy corn softie tutorial

i'm not a big fan of the actual candy corn, but the stuffed version i like just's a lot more cuddly too. i suppose you could cuddle with the candy, but it might get sticky. edit: er. candy corn is yellow on the bottom. then orange, THEN white. oh well. i like this way better, but if you feel the need, go ahead and make yours the … [Read more...]

is that how long it’s been?

6 years ago today we got hitched. it's been a blast. not all of the time, granted, but that's to be expected.the good thing is we haven't entirely gotten sick of each other yet, and still have a good time talking and spending time together. we still like watching movies, and playing games (except word ones, rory hates those), and going places … [Read more...]

Happy Fourth of July

We started the day off with some patriotic cupcake decorating...we being Janae and I. She was a big help...we made these with Ina Garten's recipe here, marshmallow fondant and buttercream icing.It was a bit labor intensive but still FUN!Then we were off to our ward BBQ at Miller park. The weather was perfect...breezy and warm. We enjoyed sitting … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day to Rory and my Dad, and all the dads out there.You're awesome!Especially when you wear your wife's apron to grill dinner. (hehe) (on his new BBQ) (YUM.) … [Read more...]


Well, we successfully surprised Rory tonight! Can you tell? (notice the box of diapers in his hands.) giggle.I couldn't have done it without all of our friends and family...thanks to all who helped, especially Janae and Joanna, they did all the set up and decorating, while watching Sadie. I got to chill out at Red Robin with my hunny and come home … [Read more...]