howdy-er-happy halloween!

here’s my happy little cow.

ok, well, she’s a cow. not so much happy in this picture.

you should’ve seen her later at our ward’s trunk or treat, walking everywhere with a pixie stick hanging out of her mouth. she was in heaven!

sadly, i did not make any part of our costumes, but the cow costume was a dollar, so how could i say no to that?! rory and i borrowed the rest of our costumes (except for his shirt, $1.50 at Salvation Army), so our costumes cost us a grand total of $2.50 this year! (we were all about the cheap, if you can’t tell)

i thought we were a pretty cute cowboy/cowgirl/cow family!

what were YOU for halloween?

this is what we did last year.


  1. love the little cow costume! I did my costumes on the cheap too. There are so many great budget costume possibilities if you just set your mind to it.

  2. So cute!! And way to be thrifty! I’m impressed!!

  3. You were very cute! Although…Rory looks a bit too at home in those clothes. haha!

  4. Sadie is about the cutiest calf I have ever seen!!! Good job coordinating those costumes Jess!

  5. Very cute! My kids were a gangster (mafia style), Dorothy & a bunny.

  6. ADORABLE! John was Captain hook, I was cinderella 🙂 I felt like I worked at Disneyland! It was awesome! Um, I LOVE the color book you made! I want to make one!!!

  7. Ya’ll look so cute in your western outfits.

  8. So. Cute. I cannot get over that adorable little cow face! And I love that you all dressed up together. What a lovely family!

  9. Awwww! You guys look so cute!

  10. oh so cute, tabitha was a bunny but we spent the whole night in the er so she didn’t get to wear her costume. =( oh well.

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