is that how long it’s been?

6 years ago today we got hitched. it's been a blast. not all of the time, granted, but that's to be expected.the good thing is we haven't entirely gotten sick of each other yet, and still have a good time talking and spending time together. we still like watching movies, and playing games (except word ones, rory hates those), and going places … [Read more...]

Our year in pictures

2008 notice how Sadie is in most of them?what the heck did we do before she was born?no idea. … [Read more...]

FB Friday: Our old apartment

When we lived in Utah, two of the three years were spent in this cozy little basement apartment. And when I mean cozy I mean tiny. lol. It was perfect for us and we loved the location, it was right near UVSC, and all the craft stores in Orem were within a few miles. (Score!) We had a lot of good memories in this apartment! A lot of good times with … [Read more...]

Sadie and her Bumbo

hehe Kim is going to laugh at me for already posting about this...but I have no life besides Sadie and Rory, so oh well! Anyways, the story is, my friend Kim found this Bumbo chair for me at a garage sale today for $8! Mind you, these chairs are $40 at Walmart-I checked! Soo cool, and Sadie loves it!Just for fun, here's a picture of us in case … [Read more...]

5 loong years…just kidding

In the last five years,we have moved five times. (once was only me, but it still counts!)lived in four homes,remodeled one,and had a rock wall in our bedroom.In the last five years,we have been to two graduation ceremonies,one for each of us.In the last five years,I have worked too many jobs to count,and you have had the same one.In the last five … [Read more...]

Our cat and a hawaiian hat

Yeah, random title I know, but I figured I'd post something other baby yet. (which by the way is still true...grr) Just some cute pics of our first little cat baby. Here is Ally keeping a steadfast watch over the neighborhood for us. She lets us know when the cats next door are getting too rowdy. Here she is on one of our stools. She … [Read more...]

Sunset Beach

Last night we took a break from unpacking and cleaning and headed down to Sunset Beach where Rory's sister Mandy and her kids were camping. (they're in town for the week) It was really nice on the beach, a bit windy, but warm! The sand felt good to my little fat toesies. haha. After sitting at the beach for a bit, we headed up to their campsite for … [Read more...]

It’s our first Anni-cali-versary!

haha. 10 points to whoever can tell me where I came up with the title. (Cassy that means YOU) A year ago today we were driving back from Utah...Rory had just graduated from UVSC, and all our stuff was packed up and being shipped. Boy oh boy were we glad to be moving home. I do miss some things about Utah though. In no particular order... I miss the … [Read more...]