Emma dress sew-along Part 3: sleeves and skirt

Time to finish that dress! Sleeves and skirt are on the menu today... Click below for the rest! Now for the sleeves: Cut two strips of fabric 2" wide. (unless you already did, and then good job for listening! Gold star.)I cut mine to be 7.5" long, you can adjust that to fit your child by measuring where the sleeve will hit, then adding … [Read more...]

Emma dress sew-along Part 1: pattern and pieces

If you're making the Emma dress for an 18-24 mo size, here is the link to download my free pattern! If you're making another size, read on for pattern making instructions!*note* Sorry I did mistakenly label the back bodice and front narrow piece wrongly...I'm fixing it right now, but if you already printed it, they are switched. Sorry about that! … [Read more...]

Emma dress sew-along Part 2: collar and bodice

                                  Alright! Onto the collar and bodice! Click below for the rest! Take your two collar pieces, then position the ric rac around the outside of the collar like so, with a bit of the points peeking out. (barely) Lay the other collar piece on top, and pin around. I also used a pin to keep track of my "wide" end of the … [Read more...]

Libby top sew-along Part 3: sleeves and finishing up

  Last part of the tutorial! yay! You're almost done.  First take some bias tape that you hopefully made yesterday, and pin it around the raw edge of the back neckline. Top stitch along the edge carefully, catching both sides in the stitch. Then pin the front bodice shoulders and back shoulder seams RST and sew them together. Finish seam with … [Read more...]

Libby top sew-along Part 2: bib and buttons

Ok! Time for part 2-the bib and button closure. First lay out your bodice and bib pieces so that they're lined up correctly and trim off any little pieces that might have been wobblingly cut. (that's  not a word.) Then take your two bib pieces and sew them right sides together (RST) along the two sides. Flip right side out and press … [Read more...]

Libby top sew-along Part 1: pattern and pieces

Ok, today is just going to be making the pattern and cutting out pieces. I promise, it's not too hard. First trace around a folded in half tee that fits your child. Make sure to add seam allowances, and that the neckline is high. (this is the back piece) Then draw a line across where you'd like the bib to be. Then trace those two pieces separately, … [Read more...]

the Libby top

So. Wanna hear about how I named this top? In my head, I started calling it the Bibby top, since it kind of has a bib shape on it. Then of course I rhymed it with Libby. So it's the Bibby Libby top. Or just the Libby top, since I should probably try to maintain some sense of normalcy and sanity around here. (BWAH!) And yes, I know that the bottom … [Read more...]

Junebug dress round up

And now for a look at what YOU all have been up to, at least in the Junebug area of things. I was amazed with how many people joined in on the sew along! You all made some pretty darn cute dresses, for some darn cute girls. So here they are, in no particular order! This gorgeous green dress makes me feel like I've gone back in time-so timeless! … [Read more...]

Junebug sew along Part 3-sleeves and skirt

Now for the sleeves and skirt! Click below for the full tutorial! For the sleeves, this is a handy trick to make elastic casings a wee bit easier. Fold over the sleeve 1/4"... and then another 1/2". (or less, but I wanted a bit of a ruffled look on the edge, so I sewed my casing in about 1/8" from the edge, but more on that later) Do … [Read more...]

Junebug dress sew along part 2-bodice and buttonholes

Let's work on the bodice and buttonholes today...   Click below for the full tutorial! Take your two flap pieces and lay them down right sides together, pin, and sew around the sides and top. Clip the corners, turn right side out and press. Do the same with the bodice sides, but sew them right sides together-and not at the … [Read more...]