Another reason I love blogs…

I got a message on my etsy site today from this lady who runs a sort of product review, here-is-some-cool-stuff-for-moms site. She had found my store and wrote some really nice things about it! Here’s the link if anyone is interested.

House update: We’re supposed to get the keys for the house tomorrow or Friday!

Baby update: She’s getting big! and kicks a lot. Sometimes I think she’s trying to escape through my sides or belly button somehow. I just want to shout down there,”Nice try! You still have awhile!” But she really wouldn’t know what I was talking about. We had our second childbirth class yesterday, and we watched the dreaded movies. They weren’t too bad, although were taped in like the 80’s or something. Then we had to put a clothespin on our finger to simulate a contraction. (to practice our breathing) If I had known labor would be like a clothespin pinching me, man, bring on the babies! haha. yeah right. Rory was like “put it somewhere where it’ll hurt really bad, like your ear!” haha. Thanks hun.

P.S. The ear didn’t hurt.


  1. Yeah, I remember the clothespin, and then the ice. The ice was the hardest, but I don’t think they quite equal to the real thing. Although no one would do birth classes if you had to practice like that! Yikes!

  2. Congratulations on your Itsy site being highlighted! Best of luck with the moving:) If labor where like having a clothes pin on our finger we would all have dozens;)

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