It’s a sad day…

This morning when we gave Ally her medicine she was not looking good...not eating and breathing hard. We took her to the vet this afternoon to get a second opinion and see what was going on once and for all. The vet was very kind to us. She said she most likely has feline leukemia, which is a terminal illness. We could go the blood transfusion … [Read more...]

Our miracle kitty

So yesterday was a pretty crazy day, and this is going to be kind of a serious post. As I mentioned before, Ally, our cat, has been having a hard time since we brought the baby home a week ago. She's been moping around and very lethargic. Her eating habits have gone downhill as well, until yesterday when she didn't eat anything at all. We thought … [Read more...]

Our cat and a hawaiian hat

Yeah, random title I know, but I figured I'd post something other baby yet. (which by the way is still true...grr) Just some cute pics of our first little cat baby. Here is Ally keeping a steadfast watch over the neighborhood for us. She lets us know when the cats next door are getting too rowdy. Here she is on one of our stools. She … [Read more...]

Kitchens, hats, booties and blogs.

Hi there everyone! Welcome to a smorgasbord (sp?) of information. Yesterday Rory and my dad attached the plywood to the cabinets for the base for the counter tops, and it looks good! They also filled in a gap that we had because of our window placement (don't get me started), and after tonight we're gonna be all ready to get the counter tops … [Read more...]


Isn't she the cutest? This is Ally's new favorite spot in the house, which is of course, on top of a white comforter. Which isn't ours. Which is now covered in Ally hair. I swear, we'll wash it before we move! … [Read more...]

Cat vs Stuffed Cat

So my first attempt at making a stuffed animal the other night resulted in a kinda demonic looking kitty, so I decided to give it to Ally instead of the baby. She liked it a lot! In a rip-it's-head-off kind of way. haha. Ally posing with her new friend. Ally trying to bite said friends tail off. … [Read more...]

Our first (cat) child

So last night we went to get a bigger scratching post for Ally because she grew out of the old one we got her and she likes the couches better now. This scratching post is huge! Anyways, she jumped up on top, and it was pretty funny how much she wobbled around til she jumped off. hehe. That's it. Just a funny video of our cat child. :-D … [Read more...]

Silly cat!

Since we got this new storage unit upstairs in my craft room today, Ally has been trying to climb onto it, into it, all over it. Unfortunately for her, I already put some baskets and boxes on the shelves. So she has no where to jump to! Hilarity ensues. Enjoy! (hehe) … [Read more...]

Startled Ally pic o’ the day

She looks this startled in EVERY SINGLE picture we take of her, unless she's sleeping. hehe. … [Read more...]


We finally got a kitty! We've wanted one ever since we've been married, but everywhere we've lived so far hasn't really allowed pets. So...we were meeting some friends for lunch, and we were a little early, and decided to look at the cute animals at the Petco store. Well, the rest is history. A few hours later, we were the proud parents of Ally, a … [Read more...]