Kitchen redo a go-go

A month or two ago I sent in pictures of our redone kitchen to This Young House, one of my favorite home design blogs. They post reader re-do’s, befores and afters of rooms their readers have done. Well, they posted our kitchen today, you can find it by clicking here! While you’re there, check out some of their rooms, or their wedding photos, they’re simply gorgeous!! Thanks John and Sherry!


After (duh)


  1. I love your kitchen! Beautiful! That’s cool that you were featured on that site…you got a lot of great compliments!

  2. Wow! You’re famous! That’s actually pretty cool and it was quite a fete getting all that done like you did!

  3. I love your kitchen redo. I came across your blog through “young house love”. Can you please tell me where you purchased that rug you have on your kitchen floor? It is so gorgeous. Thanks, Smitha

  4. i got my rug at urban, but they don’t sell it anymore, sorry! 😀

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