dollhouse master bedroom

Now on to the master bedroom renovation!  This room is probably my favorite in the whole new dollhouse. It just seemed to come together the easiest and was so much fun to decorate and think up things to make! And now I am remembering that the wallpaper was not so easy to pick out. SOOOO maybe it wasn't the easiest, but it turned out to be a … [Read more...]

Toy Story Halloween 2017

I know it's been a minute since last year's Halloween, but I realized I never blogged it, so I had to add it here for posterity and all! Rory as Ken: all thrifted, except the wig from Amazon! Jess as Barbie: thrifted and Amazon as well! Ava as Slinky Dog: furry pj's from Amazon, and I added handmade details. Charlotte as Bo Peep: handmade dress … [Read more...]

wizard of Oz halloween 2016

After my last post I also realized I've been slacking for quite awhile with costume posts! I think it was because I wasn't making them all from scratch and I thought that didn't qualify them for the blog? whatever past me felt, present me would like to have a record here about them! Even if I only made parts of them! So first off, Rory and I. Rory … [Read more...]

powerpuff girls halloween 2015

Ok so forgive me for only have one iphone picture of these costumes! I was pregnant with Jack and was pretty much phoning it in. The girls' dresses I made with some knit from Joanns, color blocked with the appropriate colors, didn't finish any hems or anything! lol! I made Sadie's red bow from felt, and bought Charlotte's and Rory's wigs on … [Read more...]

Greatest Showman Circus Party

If you're anything like my family, you've had The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat for the last while-my kids adore the songs! They are super catchy and singalongable (totes a word), and when Charlotte mentioned she wanted a party with that theme, I JUMPED. I've always wanted to do a circus party and this seemed like the perfect way to do … [Read more...]

plethora of cosi suits

Look at those model poses! these girls crack me up! These photos and suits are actually from last summer (BAD blogger!),  but I'm on a bit of a blogging kick (we'll see how long that lasts), and so I thought I'd blog them anyways, since they are still wearing them this season and loving them! I decided to go for some tankinis this time, with of … [Read more...]

Jack’s newsies party

I absolutely LOVED  planning this Newsies themed party. The 90's Disney movie was my favorite movie growing up (still in my top 5), and my friend Megan and I would watch it every single sleepover we had-and had it memorized! I also was lucky enough to see the Broadway version when it was on tour and loved it almost as much as the movie! (my girls … [Read more...]

dollhouse sewing room

Hey fellow crafty peoples! Today I have finally written a post about my dollhouse sewing space! The new one, that is. The old version looked like this, in case you're curious. (you know you are...) I LOVE THE NEW ROOM. Let's just get that out of the way. I started off by installing shiplap over the old stencil, since I needed something to cover … [Read more...]

miniature version of a real life room

I've been bitten by the miniatures bug! It's official. I have pretty much finished up the dollhouse reno-just need to write the posts! Still, I was chomping at the bit for a new project. Sooo...I decided to miniature-ize real life rooms that I find online! First up is this beautiful entry way designed by Anne Sage for West Elm See their pic … [Read more...]

modern dollhouse: kids rooms

Starting off the newest dollhouse remodel-is the upper level of the house! the two "kids rooms" as we like to call them. They were a girls room, and a nursery before, but now that we have Jack in the family, I redid the nursery as a little boy's room! and went all out with a Star Wars theme! (because why not?) I had actually decorated it … [Read more...]