photo displays

 I saw this idea for a photo display a few days before Christmas and decided to make a few for some close friends and my momma for Christmas gifts. (and one for me, muwahaha) They were so easy and fun!

I forget how fun it is to get dusty and paint covered sometimes! (on a small scale, that is, haha)

On a fun note-look at cute little baby Sadie in the pic above! It was the first photo I found on my messy desk. Crazy how fast they grow! I managed to find pictures of my friend’s kids with Sadie, so I clipped those to their photo board.

 I love that you can swap out the photo in, like, .0005 seconds…..If you’re Superman….but still. Quick!

You could also use it for recipe cards, or…something else paper-related that I can’t think of…

The one thing I did different was I had Rory cut some triangle pieces and glued them to the back for a stand, since I couldn’t find a 2x8x8 piece of wood. Just 1x8x4. That size still worked fine. I got some little wooden topper thingys (very scientific name) at Michaels, and used some white house paint, then sanded the edges a bit to distress. The wood was light colored, so it doesn’t show much. Oh well! I did use the little furniture tacks she suggests in the tutorial. They came in a huge pack for like $1.25…so hopefully I can use them for something else!
What do you think? I love them! (that’s why I made one for me 😉 
On a side note-make sure to come back tomorrow! I have an awesome giveaway planned for you guys, with multiple prizes! AAand a screaming good deal for you readers as well….mysterious, eh?

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  1. These are really beautiful, Jess! I love the burlap and the tiny clothespins. Great gift idea.

  2. they look great! I love the idea, I may try it with some canvas and put them up on my wall

  3. Such a fun idea! I love it in both the black and the white!

  4. LOVE! This is a GREAT way to use up some extra burlap scraps, thanks!! Now I just need to find the room to put more frames around my house… or maybe my desk at work, hum…

  5. Very cute idea. Here is a tip that works for me when distressing and the wood is too light. I have some Walnut Ink that is made by TSUKINEKO I pour some on an old cloth and then rub the areas you want darker. Test first, add water on cloth first if you want a lighter effect. My ink was 19.49 for a package of 4 bottles and it lasts a very long time unless you are doing these a lot!

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