wooden scissors

My dad and I made these awesome wooden scissors together in his wood shop the other week-one pair for my sewing room, the other for my mom for Mother’s Day. These bad boys are almost 2 feet long, and I loove them. They go well with my giant buttons. haha. What other sewing tools can I enlarge?


We made them from some pine boards, and it was a labor of love, let me tell you. My dad is a perfectionist meticulous with his woodwork,  so when I thought the sanding was good enough, he told me I’d better keep sanding if I wanted to use his shop. Consider me chastened, Dad. hehe!

My dad found the perfect wooden piece to hold the scissors together…so they actually WORK! Well, they probably won’t actually cut anything, but they move. So that’s cool.

I thought about painting them, but I decided to go with a nice warm stain, which I think looks awesome! A nice matte sealing spray finished it up. 
Supa-fly scissors for my wall. *love*


  1. The scissors are seriously well made and look great on your sewing nook wall! I haven’t really got a wall in my sewing corner..a cabinet on one side and a window on the other..in a corner of my dining room.

  2. I actually have a pair of giant scissors that I found… not nearly as nice as yours though. I’d be willing to save my pennies if he wanted to enlarge other crafty items like a crochet hook or sewing needle, though.

  3. Oh gosh, I just love your new scissors! I am sure that your Dad would be able to sell some.

  4. Those are awesome!
    I couldn’t help giggling when I saw these scissors, because my father recently made himself a hunting knife and an arrow in his shop and they are over 4ft long. I guess Giant wooden objects is a men’s trend right now!

    Maybe I can convince Dad to make me a zipper or seam ripper for my birthday. lol.

  5. I LOVE them! 🙂 Cute idea and I agree- they look professional! 🙂 Let us know if he starts selling them!

  6. he should TOTALLY start selling them- they are awesome! 🙂 what else can he make? i need some furniture 😉 hehe

  7. I’d be in for a pair 😀 But I dno’t put prices on other people’s work. How long does it take him? How much do the materials cost?

  8. I’m in wooden scissors envy. Your scissors are “sew” very cute!

  9. wow!! looks so professional!!

  10. Love them and I would be interested if he started selling them!!

  11. Those are AWESOME!

  12. Those are awesome what a neat idea Iam sure he could sell them.

  13. Woah! Well done! I have been eyeing a GIANT wooden pair at hobby lobby for my new craft room, but these look MUCH nicer!!!

  14. I would be interested to know what he would sell them for. Like Color Dynamic, I couldn’t put a price on someone else’s work. I imagine they took hours and hours of work. I wonder about shipping… I am sure they are heavy — would shipping costs be prohibitive?

    Either way, they are GORGEOUS. Such beautiful workmanship! I love me some oversized (and undersized) objects — especially sewing-related ones!

  15. Cool!!! That is just about the best decoration I’ve ever seen!

  16. Love love love!! Your are so lucky to have a handy dad that can craft something this special just for you and your mom!

  17. so cute! he did an awesome job. have him open an etsy shop! 🙂 painted ones would be cute too.

  18. I’d love a pair or two or three to give as gifts. Let us know what you decide on price, etc. SO fun!

  19. these are really amazing! your dad has some serious talent (and way to go on the sanding, too). i have no idea on price, either. i think that’s a “what feels right?” question to ask him. what would make him feel good about selling them and be fairly compensated for his time and effort, not like he was just giving them away? throw out some numbers and see? it’s very personal, i think.

  20. CUTE!! My Aunt has a big pair like this in her craft room and I’ve been pining over them. I might just take your Dad up on his offer!

  21. They are amazing and I’d seriously consider a pair! Tell him to make a couple of pairs and put them on etsy I’m sure he’d be inundated with crafters wanting them.

  22. Those are awesome!!! I would be interested in buying the scissors, but I think “Care” said it best, especially with regards to the shipping costs. Perhaps if they were smaller and/or lighter?

  23. those scissors are totally cool. if I had a dedicated sewing space, i would definitely buy a pair.
    your dad does some great woodwork…oh and you do great sanding. : )

  24. I would most definitely be interested in not one but two! How much would they be? I’m in love with it!

  25. These are awesome, Jess! So cool. I’m sure your father could sell them if he made more. I think you need a giant needle next 🙂

  26. OMG – YES I would buy them! Those are friggin’ awesome. Your dad is seriously talented 🙂

  27. Hi! YES!!!! I would love to have a pair of scissors! I think you should have your dad make a giant spool stool as well…

  28. I would love a pair, but not sure if I could afford them. I agree that if you made some, they would go like hotcakes.

  29. The first thing I thought when I saw the first picture – Those are awesome, I wonder where she got them, I wonder if I can buy a pair?! Granted, I’m a huge cheep skate, so I probably wouldn’t spend a ton of money on them – BUT I would totally be willing to buy plans and build them myself!

  30. Yes, I would love a pair. They are absolutely awesome! Your dad is so creative, too. Keep up the terrific work and blog!

  31. Definitely get the man an Etsy shop (but I think shipping to Oz would be a bit much!).

    I’d go giant bobbin next, followed by a massive sewing machine (maybe as play equipment for the backyard).

  32. naisssss .. i love it, so special and unique and so ko.oL at your sewing room too ..

  33. Those are amazing! I love the thought of you and your dad working on these together. How sweet!

  34. Ameeeeeeei! Eu gostaria de ter uma tesoura dessa, mas moro no Brasil, fica viável? rsrsrs kisskiss

  35. those are amazing!!

  36. Love them!

  37. Hi! YES, Dad! Make some more so we can have one too! So creative, thank you. -gelia

  38. thanks everybody for you input and comments! I am working with my Dad to figure out what the best way to do this would be, and if it would work out for him. (my brother, who is very skilled with wood also, might help out)
    I’ll definitely let you all know if and when we open up shop! I hope he decides to! 😀


  39. Your scissors are da bomb! I would love to have a pair, and I can tell they are very well made. I hope it works out for your Dad to make some more. I just wish I was at the top of the list!! heehee!

  40. Very detailed work, I must say!

  41. I think those look awesome! And you can definitely tell they are a labor of love!

  42. I would totally buy those!

  43. Fantastic! I just bought a pair of giant scissors at Hobby Lobby and love them.

  44. Love them! Would love a pair when I get my new sewing room.

  45. very cool 🙂

  46. I would definitely be interested in purchasing a pair. He should open an etsy shop and just take orders that way.

  47. Hmm, scissors maybe, but would he be able to make some seriously large knitting needles? I wouldn’t think it would be that hard…

  48. Anonymous says

    Hi, these are amazing & I know a couple of people here in Australia who would buy them. So get him working!!!

  49. Patty Sjogren says

    I would like to purchase the wooden scissors if you are selling them. I would also like to see the wooden buttons. Do you have any other wooden sewing items for the wall for sale? Thank You

    Patty Sjogren
    e-mail: [email protected]

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