some slight alterations

Do you remember this dress I thrifted earlier this month? It was too big for me, but I recently altered it a little to fit me better. (and a belt works wonders....also thrifted) I really liked the polka dot fabric and neckline ruffly bit, so I brought it home with me. (and for $3, even if it was a FAIL it's still cheap fabric that could become a … [Read more...]

this outfit cost me $5.

  Yep, a whopping 5 smakeroos went into this outfit. (minus the shoes, which you can't see anyways cause I sunk into the grass so much)  Normally I wouldn't show you my outfits (I'm no "style blogger" though wish I could be worthy of such...really I only "dress up" on Sundays for church...have I used enough "air quotes" in this parantheses?) but … [Read more...]

just call me super thrifter (and happy fourth!)

I had an awesome thrifting trip last Friday, with my mom and sister. (thanks to my brother Jordan who played with Sadie while Charlotte napped!) I was on the hunt for some new dresses and skirts, but also struck gold with children's books, housewares, and belts. Sah-weet!Let me introduce you to my newest finds.  I found quite a few Golden books … [Read more...]


I have big plans for this awesome vintage sheet to become a maxi dress. I about fell over in shock when I found this thrifting the other day, since I usually don't find awesome prints like this where I live. (and in pristine condition!) I'm totally copying my cousin in law Courtenay with this pattern and style, but she's taller than me and can … [Read more...]

thrifty finds

My mom, sister, the girls, and I hit the 50% off sale yesterday at the Salvation Army-I didn't find a ton, mostly because the line was 45 min long. NO joke. I've never seen it that bad. But I got a few finds-like these fun patterns to use for fabric/refashions. Love that sweet polka dot and the floral. These are what I was really excited … [Read more...]

a thrifting I will go…and other things.

I was trying (very last minute) to think of a Valentine-sy post to put up-but....well couldn't think of anything....and I love thrifting, so this is what ya get today!  I have to say thanks again to my sister Julia for baby sitting while I ran to the store-you just can't miss those 50% off sales-and MUST go right when they open, which unfortunately … [Read more...]


  I haven't showed off my thrifting lately, so here are some recent thrifty finds: Some shirts to refashion for Sadie (or Charlotte) $1 or so a piece Some shirts and sweatshirt for Charlotte=75 cents or so a piece baking dish for tarts, etc.=75 cents Little Golden books, and a couple of Christmas books (yay!)=40 cents apiece sandals for … [Read more...]


  Found these chairs at our local Salvation Army 50% sale the other day. (please, ignore the craptastic plaid fabric-that will be changed-SOON!)  I almost freaked out from excitement when I saw them! We bought a round table there last week with 3 leaves for our dining room, so I'd been looking around online for chairs-and they can get soo … [Read more...]

some fun things!

While we were in Utah this past week, I received a few gifts and got to go thrifting. (hooray!) This adorable apron and blanket are from my cousin's wife Courtenay. (also my sister in law Stephanie's sister-the two sisters married cousins) she also was fabulous enough to send along a bunch of adorable ribbons and trims that she scored at a garage … [Read more...]


I didn't get much at this month's Salvation Army 50% off sale, but it was a good score anyways. I got two dresses, the one on the right fits great, although I can't wear it until I'm done nursing. :( oh well. Also a cute wooden frame I'll probably paint and put a picture of Charlotte in. She needs to be represented now! Instead of the shrine to … [Read more...]