My (small) haul from this morning's thrift store 50% off sale. I did find some fun pillowcases and a few books, including another Disney book. (I love those!) That wooden thing I got for Sadie's kitchen...I'm thinking I may try and make it her spice rack? Anyways...for $8, not too bad.In other news, our family has all been dealing with a cold this … [Read more...]


Today was a 50% off sale day at our Salvation Army store. I kind of love these days. :D I didn't find ANY books or linens, but scored on some bloomers for the baby (and one pair Sadie can wear). I was excited to find these (40 cents each!), because I'm not a fan of making them, and since I make a lot of Sadie's (and now baby's) dresses, sometimes I … [Read more...]

55 cents

So, I told you I had plans for that alphabet book, right? I decided to make a little banner for the playroom out of the pages, since the binding was trashed.I ripped them out, hung up two nails, tied some twine to them, added some mini clothespins and the pages, and Tada! (or Duh-Dah! as Sadie says), I had a fun little decoration for the playroom!I … [Read more...]

a thrifty haul.

It's been awhile since my last thrift store trip! I really like hitting up our Salvation Army 50% off sale every month, but I missed last month. Thrift stores are already "cheap" (some more than others), but who can say no to half off? not me. I always end up in the same sections, in the same order. First I check out their fabric/linen section, … [Read more...]

a-thrifting i will go…

hit up our local salvation army's 50% off sale yesterday! scored some books for sadie (really great shape, .75-.85 cents each , two skirts, each $1.80, one to be a dress for sadie (polka dots), and one from the gap to be a maternity skirt for me. snagged a cute (brand new old) pillowcase (.90 cents), for material. also grabbed an almost full bag of … [Read more...]

shirt redo

ok, so it's the same shirt as this one, pretty much. but i liked it so much i had to do it again. salvation army was having their 50% off everything sale last week, so i picked up this shirt for $1 or 2. ralph lauren, so well made and nice material. i also got a few others that i'm going to be messing with. one has shoulder pads. hehe. before … [Read more...]

good deal.

we went to another las madres garage sale this morning. (we being me, sadie, cassy, rayne, aimee, gage, kim, and payton, whew!) i found some more great deals on shoes, and a few books. the whole group cost me a whopping $7.50. those little black shoes were only 50 cents. love that!these softie books are so cute! and the curious george book was in … [Read more...]


so today i really wanted to go somewhere. mostly to try out sadie's new carseat and see how she liked it. (she loved it) she didn't at first, actually she was a bit hesitant. it was so cute! she kept looking at me like, mom, is this ok?we picked up my mom and headed to the salvation army. they were having a 50% off everything in the store sale. … [Read more...]

berry cute

Sorry about the title, I couldn't help it. I saw this tutorial and just had to make some of these oh so cute strawberries. For Sadie of course. I want to get her a kitchen play set for Christmas, so I'm working on felt/fabric food for her to play with. So far, I have these strawberries and two sugar cookies. This morning, Janae and I went to the … [Read more...]

a dress masquerading as a shirt!

During a quick trip to Goodwill with my sisters yesterday, I found, among an awesome set of framed "season" prints, this cute Target reject shirt for $4. I loved the print, but the shirt wouldn't have really worked for me. I decided to get it and make a skirt or something for Sadie out of it. Then after studying it for a bit, I thought, hey maybe I … [Read more...]