I haven’t showed off my thrifting lately, so here are some recent thrifty finds:
Some shirts to refashion for Sadie (or Charlotte) $1 or so a piece
Some shirts and sweatshirt for Charlotte=75 cents or so a piece
baking dish for tarts, etc.=75 cents
Little Golden books, and a couple of Christmas books (yay!)=40 cents apiece
sandals for Charlotte=$1
Rainboots for Sadie=$2
Grand total=$10 or so. (lost the receipt)
Gotta love those deals!


  1. gotta love a good deal. You totaly scored on the girl clothes on this adventure.

  2. Where do you go! I love deals!!!!

  3. yeah! awesome deals….gotta love some good finds!

  4. how in the world did you get rainboots so cheap?! i have been trying to get a deal on the forever! they never go on sale and I cant even find a USED pair at a decent price! ugh.

    end rant lol

    way to go on the great deals and cute stuff!

  5. nice haul! lucky. my thrift store is crazy expensive and unlucky for me, the fabric bin is located right next to the underwear bin. really not cool or inspiring!

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