just call me super thrifter (and happy fourth!)

I had an awesome thrifting trip last Friday, with my mom and sister. (thanks to my brother Jordan who played with Sadie while Charlotte napped!) I was on the hunt for some new dresses and skirts, but also struck gold with children’s books, housewares, and belts. Sah-weet!

Let me introduce you to my newest finds.ย 

I found quite a few Golden books (which I collect) including The Gull that Lost the Sea-which was a favorite of mine growing up. When I pulled it off the shelf I instantly got that happy Awwoohh feeling in my stomach. Do you know the feeling? If not, you should. It’s what happens when you stumble upon something from your childhood while thrifting. It’s amazing. Especially when you get it for pennies. PENNIES I tell you. I also got a fun Disney books with lots of flaps inside that Sadie loves to open, some Christmas books for our collection, and A Bargain for Frances. (another Awwoohh book)

a couple of cute belts…

some housewares stuff-that teapot is for Sadie’s upcoming birthday party, as is the little cake stand. (bet you can’t guess the theme! No really, it’s not a tea party theme….)

The yellow plate will go on our kitchen wall, and that adorable little bowl will hold jewelry in our master bedroom.

I also picked up a piece of plaid fabric (I’ve already made a top from it, will show ya soon), a shirt to refashion for Sadie (the cutest floral print eva!) and a cute green top.

It just happens to be the same. exact. top. that I used to pattern this shirt from, only it fits me much better! Carazay how thrifting karma works, huh?

I also hit pay dirt with dresses, and found all four of these cute dresses for $3 each. The black one is pretty plain but looks really cute with a belt, as does the bright blue one (which I’m pretty sure is a true vintage dress), and the light blue one. (ok so that’s all of them…) That polka dot one is too big but I’m just going to take in the sides and belt it as well.ย  (that’s already done too, will show you soon)

I also got some skirts but managed to shrink two of them already. I’m such a numbskull. I’m just not used to having dry clean only clothing.

Pretty sweet trip. What have you thrifted lately?

Oh, and Happy Fourth of July! to you Americans out there. Happy Monday to everyone else. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’re going to two BBQ’s today, swimming, and eating our weight in BBQ goodness. Can’t wait!


  1. looks like some great finds!

  2. oh my, A Bargain for Francis!! that brings be back to my childhood.

  3. You’re inspiring me to start taking some pictures so I can go back and admire my finds from time to time. My favorites from the past week or so is a small antique(y?) side table, and a 99 cent jean sale at my fave shop (I found 10). I’ll cut them up to shorts and capris, and 2 humongous rolls of yarn.

  4. Oh my goodness, I’m never that lucky at the thrift store. Those are great finds.

    My latest “thrift” was a huge set of mega blocks at a garage sale for $2. The week before I almost bought a brand new set for $30, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. My little girl is loving them & I enjoy them even more knowing what a deal they were.

  5. Your wardrobe makes me drool! I haven’t thrifted many clothes this year since I am enormously pregnant. I have picked up a tiny wooden rocking chair, spice rack, bathroom cupboard, and 2 fabulous framed mirrors for $23. I also got 6 vintage sheets, vintage fabrics, elastic, and fabric marking pencils for $6 at an estate sale! You are an inspiration, and I just love the bapron for my little boy. Thank You!

  6. Great score!
    …. oh and “Olive the Other Reindeer” is one of my faves.

  7. You always find such great stuff! I wish my thrift stores had more stuff! I never thought to look at the belts! I need some, so next time I go I will have to check those out!

  8. such great finds! you must have an amazing store near you. you have me in the mood for a trip to goodwill!

  9. Super Thrifter! you are indeed. congrats and happy 4th!

  10. Oooh! Two BBQs in one day–lucky you! We’re having a little BBQ tonight, but we’re just doing burgers. And I have totally been thinking about you the last couple days as I’ve tried to work on decorations for our little shindig tonight. Let’s just say it’s nowhere near your decorating and party planning abilities. If you were here I’d just put you in charge. Haha.

    Speaking of parties, I suspect a Beauty and the Beast birthday party in the near future? ๐Ÿ™‚

    And awesome thrift store finds! I think if I were to post about everything we’ve bought from the thrift store in the past few weeks people would get really sick of me. (Since we got almost everything we now own from thrift stores and Craigslist.) But your finds are wonderful!

  11. I was thrifting on Friday too! If that glass cake stand came from the Salvation Army, it spent some time my cart before being put back on the shelf.

  12. you really scored with all your finds, good for you! You can visit my blog and just scroll down.. I’ve had some amazing finds lately too…. love the dresses you found.. and love that enamelware bowl… I have a set of three in my etsy store, found at the local thrift store.. love when that happens! hugs xo

  13. nice! i am super jealous of your dresses and that adorable green top! i haven’t been thrifting in so long. i almost never thrift in the summer because I have to drag all four kids with me. not fun for anyone!

  14. Yeah for thrift store finds! It’s very difficult to find anything in our local thrift store since we’re in a college town. And everything is over priced. $3 and up for toddler t-shirts that I could get at WalMart for $2. Just needed a vase for flowers – $1 – I was thinking .25 maybe. Siiigh, I do know that waahhoo feeling…I felt it when I saw the Frances book in your finds. Your dresses are fabulous!

  15. Found you through Jill’s blog – LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are a thrifter like me! It’s totally A-MA-ZING to me what you can find at thrift if you look!
    And here where I live we have EXCELLENT thrift stores – my last trip….spending a total of $13 bought: 1 pair men’s Vineyard Vines swim trunks (like new), 1 pair boys Vineyard Vines swim trunks (also like new!) – both $1 each! 1 girls Lilly P. dress, $2, a Vineyard Vines skirt, $2, a Cape Madras skirt, $2, 1 pair Keen sandals, MY SIZE (yippee), in EXC cond – $3, 1 pair new Clarks’s shoes, $2.

  16. You must have one of the best thrift stores around where you live! I never get that lucky at the thrift store! You truly made out! It looks like you had a blast!

  17. Cool! Happy Fourth to you Rory and the cuties:)

  18. I LOVE A Bargain for Frances!!! Great finds, Jess. Happy 4th ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Great thrifty finds! I am super jealous as the terrific finds around me are few and far between. I think it’s because I live in central FL – people donate all of their fantastic vintage stuff BEFORE they move here ๐Ÿ™ A few weeks ago, I did score with a le Creuset grill pan (never used) for $5!

  20. My sis-in-law and I keep meaning to ho have an awsome thrifting/yard sale morning—but a sitter is imperative for such things. Must have been fun!

    My daughter and I read the Animal Daddies golden book frequently. Her Dad works out of town so it is a special one for us. I saved it from my own childhood shelf. (my daddy sits with me while mother goes shopping with aunt b!) and I love the green dress—great color!

  21. What an awesome deal on those dresses. Super cute!

  22. Will surely grab some! These prices are so cheap!

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