some fun things!

While we were in Utah this past week, I received a few gifts and got to go thrifting. (hooray!) This adorable apron and blanket are from my cousin’s wife Courtenay. (also my sister in law Stephanie’s sister-the two sisters married cousins) she also was fabulous enough to send along a bunch of adorable ribbons and trims that she scored at a garage sale! can you believe it? where are these garage sales in Cali? I can’t wait to make something out of them-and to use that cute apron…I’ll be the cutest homemaker on the block.
My crafty cousin Jenni was nice enough to make these crocheted hair bows for the girls after I begged asked her to. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am no crocheter…and she is the queen! Thanks Jenni! (she also made two white ones but Sadie was wearing them)
Now on to the thrifting:
I got some cute sheets and these metal embroidery hoops-cool huh?
The big score for me were these children’s books-I should’ve gotten more…
I had gathered a huge stack but Rory was giving me THE LOOK so I had to put some back. These are the Little Golden Books I got….but wait…
DISNEY GALORE! I found a bunch of Disney books I Sadie didn’t have yet!
yay! I literally was on a thrifting high the rest of the weekend. lol
I also grabbed a couple of other books- I loved that Kitten for Kim book when I was a kid.
and does that A is for Apple book look familiar to any of you readers? I used the same exact book for my banner in the playroom!
Best of all? The books were only 50 cents each!


  1. I thought Vermonters were the only ones whose cousin’s wife is also their SIL’s sister!

    Love the books.

  2. I remember having that book “The New Puppy.” Wowo–memories. And if it makes you feel better I never come across these awesome thrifty finds here in Philly either (the trims, etc. I mean).
    You’ve got a nice little score there:)

  3. Aw, I had the “Kitten for Kim” book too. Loved it! I’m lucky my mom kept a lot of my books and handed them down to me when my kids were born. I love reading them books that I loved as a kid.

  4. Wow, you scored big time! I love successful thrifting trips!

  5. Ok, this is kinda random, but I saw this little girl’s (and also a Mom version) skirt on this blog and thought of you!

    So cute!

  6. Great book find!! I love finding the older Golden Books. The illistrations are precious.

  7. Awesome finds on the books! YEAH! You’ll have to come back more often to visit slash thrift and garage sale hunt! So glad you liked the trims and apron ๐Ÿ™‚ It was SO GOOD to see you!

  8. Awesome job thrifting!! I realized something the other day after visiting my in-laws, she’s the one with all the Disney books, well, all kinds of awesome books for that matter! I knew I had seen them all, but most of them were not actually ours!

  9. So many great finds! I love finding books for cheap! Okay, so I’m thinking you need to share where you went thrifting… for all the Utah people! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. score! I love those disney books ^^

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