Junebug dress pattern testers

I couldn't have finished the Junebug pattern without the help of these lovely ladies who pattern tested for me! They made some amazing Junebugs and their feedback was fantastic also. Thanks so much, ladies! And in no particular order, here they are! CailaMan oh man I want to make one in some nani iro now too!  CharityI love it in a tunic! … [Read more...]

The Junebug pattern is here!

After months of working on it, the Junebug dress (and tunic!) pattern is finally here! I have so much respect for all you pattern designers out there, it's really a lot of work! I could not have done it without the fantastic skills of Melissa-from Melly Sews. She digitized and graded the pattern for me, and she did a spectacular job. Super … [Read more...]

new Junebug dress for Sadie

I usually don't enjoy sewing the same things over and over again (hence my old Etsy shop going kaput)....but Sadie really "needed" a dress this past week. Like I need a hole in my foot,  but whatever. Most of the dresses I've made her over the past few months she doesn't like anymore. So I've learned to make sure fabric is ok with her highness … [Read more...]

Junebug dress round up

And now for a look at what YOU all have been up to, at least in the Junebug area of things. I was amazed with how many people joined in on the sew along! You all made some pretty darn cute dresses, for some darn cute girls. So here they are, in no particular order! This gorgeous green dress makes me feel like I've gone back in time-so timeless! … [Read more...]

the Junebug dress

I never know how to start these posts off. ....to your left, we have a new dress! No, your other left.  ...sooo my scissors got away from me, and I made another dress (or 2, or 39).... ....here's a new dress that we found wandering the streets and adopted.... you see? so...I give up. I made a new dress. I named it the Junebug … [Read more...]