Emma dress sew-along Part 2: collar and bodice

                                  Alright! Onto the collar and bodice!

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Take your two collar pieces, then position the ric rac around the outside of the collar like so, with a bit of the points peeking out. (barely) Lay the other collar piece on top, and pin around.

I also used a pin to keep track of my “wide” end of the collar throughout sewing the collar. (though it will fit pretty well either way)

Sew close to the edge, and if you can see where the middle of the ric rac is, try to stitch down the center of it.

Then trim the points, turn right side out, and press with an iron. I also top stitched around the outside at this point.

Now for the button flap. Cut a piece of fabric 2″ wide by the length of your wide bodice piece.

Press in half with your iron, then press each side in 1/4″.

If you have wider buttons you may need a wider piece of fabric to allow for them…and same goes for buttons, if they’re tiny. Mine were 1/2″ and this width worked great for them.

Then sandwich one of the wide bodice pieces with the flap, I lined up the raw edge of the bodice with the 1/4″ flap ironed over, then top stitched it together.

Then place your buttons and make the button holes. I usually leave 1.5″ from the bottom til the first button.

Then sew two of the front bodice pieces to a back piece at the shoulder seams. Press the seams open.  Do the same for the other (lining).

Then lay out the bodice outside (the one with the button flap sewn on), and lay the collar right side up on top, lining up the neckline.

Next lay the lining on top of this, right side down. I serged the raw edge on the button flap side, then turned it slightly under, pinned it all around the neckline, then sewed around the neckline and down the front narrow bodice piece.

Turn right side out and press around the neckline.

Then finish the button flap edge by folding it under and hand sewing it to the flap. Also make sure to tack down the top raw edge.

Tomorrow: Sleeves and skirt!


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  2. Great tutorial and great dress! Thank you for sharing.
    You can come and see my little dresses too!

    XOXO from Italy

  3. Ok, I have a question. Above it says only make one button flap for the bodice but looking at the picture it looks like you made two. One for each side. The one side for the buttons and the one side for the button holes. Did you do this? I’m a bit confused.

  4. @Becky-just one button flap-it extends over the other bodice piece to button.

  5. I love this dress. The ric-rac is such a fun detail! Brilliant.

  6. Loving your sew along so far! You always make everything so simple – love this design. Ric rac on a peter pan collar is just perfect! Thanks, Melissa

  7. This is way cute. I must be on your same wavelength. I just made a shirt for my daughter with the same type of collar. By the way-I’m glad I’m not the only one who uses candy for photo shoots!

  8. Hi Jess,
    I’m just getting to this dress. I am a very beginner. I am confused when you said to sew the two front bodice pieces to the back bodice at the shoulder. It looks like you have a narrow and a wide piece your sewing, but my narrow pieces are cut on the fold. I’m confused? Do I sew it folded or…?

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