Junebug dress round up

And now for a look at what YOU all have been up to, at least in the Junebug area of things. I was amazed with how many people joined in on the sew along! You all made some pretty darn cute dresses, for some darn cute girls. So here they are, in no particular order!
This gorgeous green dress makes me feel like I’ve gone back in time-so timeless! Made by DavidandSherry.
I love the way the black buttons pop against the lovely gray floral of this dress. Look at that cute smile, too! Made by Astreia.
Sleeveless Junebug dress! brilliant..and so cute. Notice the rainbow lining and stitching along the bottom, too! (and on the buttons, nice detail!) Made by Crafts for Lily,  and she also has a tutorial available for making it sleeveless!
The print on this dress is fabulous! I love it. Made by Bmccann34
Ok, cutest pose ever? I think so. Also, made from some of my favorite fabric (in my stash still…hoarding it!) I love the bright buttons, too. Fab! Made by jenkodak.
Doesn’t this dress seem like it’s dying to be worn to a picnic? If dresses could think or feel, this one would be thinking that. Anyways, really. Cutest buttons eva! Made by RachelBowden.
Make sure to check out the cute print on this one close up! I love it. Perfect little white accent buttons, too! Made by sewpony.
I’ll bet this cute kitty dress is a big hit with this cutie! Charlotte would be all over it, that’s for sure. Made by pazia82.
This momma was brave enough to try it in knit, and it turned out amazing! I love the two blues together along with those yellow buttons. They pop! Made by mamemino.
Cute fabric! Cute kiddo! I’m hungry now! hehe. Made by Sew Responsible.
I really like how the bodice and skirt are made from different (opposite) fabrics, awesome. Made by majafarias.
FAB fabric. Cute buttons. (and kiddo) made by JenLHill.
I just love the little details added to this dress-the little red pops of color are so cute!  Made by Little Country Bumpkins.
 Pretty green damask and dainty little buttons make a pretty adorable dress. Made by amyleegove.
I really really like (ok, I love) this fabric! such a cutie, too. 🙂 Made by iluvusew.
The ruffle on the bottom of this one is so cute!  I love the yellow buttons against the blue fabric. 🙂 Made by ODDiferous.
This springy little floral is perfect for a wee one!  made by brckhous. 
and last but not least…a true JuneBUG dress. lol, get it? Ladybug fabric…so cute! Made by  whilethechildrensleep.
Check out the gorgeous pleats and lace on this Junebug dress-adorable! Made by reader Amy. 

Love the fabric on this one-so bright and fun! By reader Jenny.

What could be cuter than a Junebug dress? Uh, TWO of them. 🙂 I love the fabrics on both of these, they’re adorable! By reader Holly.

Hello! I totally want to make a Minnie Mouse dress like this for our upcoming Disneyland trip-it’s perfect! By reader Jill.



  2. I love seeing all the different interpretations! Adorable dresses!! Thanks again Jess for such a sweet pattern!

  3. My, but you have some creative readers! I think it’s great that you share what others have done, to show that your items really can be made by anyone and not just the professionals! 🙂

  4. What a surprise, Baby Priya in the June bug Dress Recap. I’m so happy you liked the dress. Looking forward to the next sew-along. Happy Sewing!!

  5. Holy smokes! Those dresses are gorgeous! Great job with the tutorial!

  6. I loved the sew along! It is fun seeing all the dresses 🙂 Thanks!

  7. OH everyone made such beautiful dresses. I wish I had more time, and I knew how to sew. I want to make this dress for my little girl 🙂

  8. These are all so completely adorable it is absolutely impossible to pick a favorite!

  9. great dresses! I LOVE it as a jumper (that may be exactly what the denim skirt I’ve been hanging onto to upcycle into something for DD#1 will have to be used for!) and the red & white polka dots witht he flower buttons is killing me its so cute… baby #3 MIGHT just need that too. 🙂

  10. holy cow, those are some cute dresses. You know you did a great job when so many people were able to replicate so well.

  11. Thanks for the awesome tutorial. It was really fun doing a sew-a-long and I can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

  12. Look at all those cute dresses!! That is a whole lot of happiness

  13. This is such a great design. I loved making it! Thanks for “rounding-us-up” too! It makes me want to make the dress again and again in different styles. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  14. All dresses are very cute! I love to sew one for my daughter.

  15. All the dresses are soooo cute!! I have to make this for daughter, too!!

  16. These dresses are so sweet. Your patterns are getting more and more sophisticated. I love that this look will work for an older girl (4 or 5 yrs) – since my girl will be a bit older by the time I get down to this one on my to-do list!! Lovely!

  17. Thanks Jess! Suz (sewpony)

  18. I am very happy you liked my dress Jess. Thank you for the pattern.

  19. All the dresses are adorable!!!
    Congratulations to all the participants!

  20. So I am a little late to this party…but I just started blogging this month and thought I would share my creation using your pattern if you want to check it out
    Thanks so much for the lovely pattern!

  21. I found this pattern a year ago, but I didn’t come to starting point until a few days ago. Tomorrow my soon to be three year old is going to a birthdayparty and she will be wearing my Junebug dress. I blogged about it and I hope you don’t mind that I linked to your first blogpost about Junebug dress? It’s all in swedish, so you won’t understand anything, but the picture is nice! So thanks a lot for pattern and tutorial!

    I will show this to a swedish facebook group for sewaholics, so perhaps you will have a few new swedish visitors here soon!

    Thanks again!

    Best regards Sabina

  22. I used this fab pattern as a starting point for a baby boy’s pramsuit and it is great! Thankyou for sharing. You can see the pramsuit at…

    I have given you credit and linked to your blog and pattern 🙂

  23. All darling dresses. I am soon to be sewing a June Bug dress, and will post photos with a link back to the tutorial 🙂

  24. WOW

  25. Hi Jess, you have my foster sister’s name. I would like to ask for your patterns. I am teaching myself to sew.

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