Anna dress round up

And now, for the Anna dresses YOU made! They are all adorable and unique! I seriously get emotional and wig out  like a normal amount  soo enjoy seeing the dresses pop up in the flickr group after a sew along! I may not have one for June...hoping too, but it's a busy month for us. My brother's getting married in a few weeks, and both Charlotte's … [Read more...]

the Anna dress Parts 4 and 5: waistband, skirt and hem

re-posting this, since Blogger went crazy last night and unpublished it, then I accidentally deleted it. Ah! anyways, here are Parts 4 and 5   Time for that waistband! Er...these little intros are so awkward. On to the sewing.Get the full tutorial after the jump! So here's your finished bodice (I also serged around the bottom). You'll need to … [Read more...]

the Anna dress Part 3: sleeves

  Now for those cute puffy sleeves!  For each step, (DUH) repeat for the other sleeve. Get the full tutorial after the jump! Lay out your main fabric (MF) and lining, wrong sides together. Then sew a basting stitch (also will be your gathering stitch)  along the bottom and curved top of the sleeves. You can pin if you want, but I like to … [Read more...]

the Anna dress Part 2: Bodice and buttons

Let's get going on the bodice today, shall we?Get the full tutorial after the jump!   So to begin the bodice, pin your bodice pieces together at the shoulder seams, right sides together. Sew along the shoulder seam. At this point, the front neckline wasn't low enough for the look I was going for, so I trimmed it down a bit. Just make sure that … [Read more...]

the Anna dress Part 1: pattern and pieces

Alrighty roo! Day one of the Anna dress sew along! You ready to rock and roll? Pattern time! We'll start off making a basic bodice pattern if you don't already have one, and then altering it for this dress.Get the full tutorial after the jump! So. Find a shirt that fits your child. Lay it out, folded in half like so. I use freezer paper for … [Read more...]

little 50’s housewife

First things first...I'm off to Utah this morning with Charlotte in tow-wish me luck on the flight with her! I keep telling myself: At least it's only 2 hours long....I'm on a whirlwind trip to visit my two siblings that live there and of course, their fabulous spouses, and cousins, and friends, and fabric shops... ;) Of course.  and Hobby Lobby! I … [Read more...]