Emma dress sew-along Part 3: sleeves and skirt

Time to finish that dress! Sleeves and skirt are on the menu today... Click below for the rest! Now for the sleeves: Cut two strips of fabric 2" wide. (unless you already did, and then good job for listening! Gold star.)I cut mine to be 7.5" long, you can adjust that to fit your child by measuring where the sleeve will hit, then adding … [Read more...]

Emma dress sew-along Part 1: pattern and pieces

  If you're making the Emma dress for an 18-24 mo size, here is the link to download my free pattern! If you're making another size, read on for pattern making instructions! *note* Sorry I did mistakenly label the back bodice and front narrow piece wrongly...I'm fixing it right now, but if you already printed it, they are switched. Sorry about … [Read more...]

Emma dress sew-along Part 2: collar and bodice

                                  Alright! Onto the collar and bodice! Click below for the rest! Take your two collar pieces, then position the ric rac around the outside of the collar like so, with a bit of the points peeking out. (barely) Lay the other collar piece on top, and pin around. I also used a pin to keep track of my "wide" end of the … [Read more...]

Emma dress sew-along

Got some time next week? I've got another sew-along planned! wahoo! ;} It's called the Emma dress, after another one of my nieces! I love using ric rac, and had so much fun playing around with the off-center front bodice and collar. Man, Charlotte sure knows how to work the camera! This gorgeous fabric is Cut Out & Keep, Berry … [Read more...]