Libby top sew-along Part 1: pattern and pieces

Ok, today is just going to be making the pattern and cutting out pieces. I promise, it’s not too hard.

First trace around a folded in half tee that fits your child. Make sure to add seam allowances, and that the neckline is high. (this is the back piece) Then draw a line across where you’d like the bib to be.

Then trace those two pieces separately, adding seam allowance to the bottom of the bodice and top of the shirt panel. Also draw in the neckline a bit lower. This is the front pattern piece.

On the bottom piece, mark the fold, and to add 2″. (Or just add 2 inches to the pattern…I am lazy)

Then simply draw a line from the middle of the shoulder seam down to the bottom of the bodice. You can play around with the angle until you like it.

Next use your armhole on the pattern to sketch out a sleeve pattern. I made it a little wide so I could gather it on the top and bottom of the sleeve. This style is really forgiving. You can use a shirt your kiddo has to get the length where you want it, or measure them!

Then cut out one back piece on the fold, one bodice piece on the fold, and one bottom shirt piece on the fold, adding 2″ if you didn’t add it to the pattern.

Then fold over the bodice pattern where you drew the bib line, and cut out two pieces of your coordinating fabric, also on the fold.

Then cut out two sleeve pieces on the fold. You’ll also need a few small pieces of bias tape-see this tutorial for tips. You’ll need just enough to go around the back of the neck, and bottom of both sleeves.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? (hopefully)

Tomorrow: the bib and button closure!


  1. like it 100x…


  3. Just got done with Day 1 – I’m super excited to see how it all turns out. I’ve never made my own pattern before so let’s hope it is a success!

  4. Homework done!
    I went with stripes, so I hope it turns out just fine…
    I am so excited I hardly can wait till tomorrow!!!

  5. First Sew-along! Very cute top – great fall style! Thanks for the super clear instructions – got it all cut out at nap-time today. Can’t wait for your next post! Hope my almost 4 year old like likes it, if not maybe it’ll be a dress for her little sister.

  6. I’m new to your blog, and have been looking forward to a sew-along. Got everything cut out tonight. I’m also new to sewing clothes (I’ve been a quilter for years), so I hope this is a success!

  7. So CUTE! Love it! Thanx for teaching, really appreciate all the pictures to.


  8. So CUTE! Love it! Thanx for teaching, really appreciate all the pictures to.


  9. So CUTE! Love it! Thanx for teaching, really appreciate all the pictures to.


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