Poor me…

So I went to Safeway to get some groceries today, and one of the things I bought was a pack of bottled water, which I put on the bottom of my cart. Can you see where this is going? Of course, I forgot that I always forget that I put things down there and ended up leaving it in the parking lot, on my cart, after loading up the rest of the groceries. I didn’t realize til I had gotten all the way home, unpacked all the groceries, and unloaded a bunch of extra stuff that was in my car. So here I am…hot, tired, 9 months pregnant, and I realize I left my water at the store. I am not ashamed to say I cried a bit. It was a stupid blond pregnant moment. I’m sure I will laugh about it someday, but right then it was not laughable! (lol-see? time has already healed some of the pain) ANyways…I haul my big belly back in the car and head back to Safeway. The cart had already been taken into the store, but luckily the customer service lady was very nice and got someone to get me a new pack of water and took it to my car for me. I think she could see the tearstains. hehe. So there’s my sad sob story. Don’t worry, it ends happily…I went home and ate a big brownie.


  1. I do not blame you on bit for having a chocolate fix!!!! Maybe it was better that you left the water that way you had a bit of help! Remember too put those toes up:) I wish I was there to help you, I know your very capable, but still you deserve some relaxation time before the big day!! Rory I know you’ve already tried to tell her;)

  2. cute story and you totally deserved the brownie

  3. Brownies heal everything!

  4. Oh man! I think I would have cried, too! Thank goodness for the healing power of the brownie! 😉

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