Baby update

So I went in for my (LAST dangnabit!) appointment today. My doctor scheduled an induction for Thursday if she hasn’t come by then. She did say I was dilated to 3 now…but I haven’t really had many contractions, so who knows when labor will start on it’s own! I am not a very patient person, and she said we could wait til the end of next week if I wanted. I was like, and be 43 weeks pregnant!? no thanks! They hooked me up to a monitor for a stress test (for the baby, not me, although I was probably pretty stressed haha), and everything looked great. She said I was having some contractions but they weren’t very steady. I guess we will see what happens in the next day…otherwise this baby is coming Thursday. Or Friday if it takes that long. (PLEASE don’t take that long, baby!) I can’t wait to meet this face in real life!


  1. So that’s good news! No waiting until Sunday, only 2 more days at most! Yeah! Come o-o-on, Baby!!

  2. Yay! Finally there is an end in sight! I’ll be thinking about you in the next few days! Good luck–I hope all goes well!

  3. Yeah! An End in Sight! Can’t wait to see the little cutie!

  4. Jess that’s SO great! How exciting!!! Goodness, she’s finally going to be here! I can’t wait to see her! Good luck with everything!

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