sometimes our little photo shoots don't go as planned...and I get gems like these:"zombie Sadie""the licker""the pouter""the cry baby" Don't worry, she was crying because she wanted to get off the chair...not because I was forcing her to pose. Well, I guess putting her on the chair and pointing a camera at her is the same thing...oh well. The point … [Read more...]

new moon=strange car?

soo...new moon was great! but what happened afterwards was even better. so, joanna and i walked to her car, where a couple guys were standing near it...she tried to open her door but it wouldn't open...i got in the passenger side...and got barked at by a dog inside the car! i'd gotten in a stranger's car! not only a stranger...but a stranger who … [Read more...]

caramel apple FAIL

these were supposed to look like this.at least they tasted good! sadie and steph and i thought so. … [Read more...]

The dark side

Dear Readers of This Blog,Come to the dark side of the force.We have cookies. And fabulous shoes.Sincerely,Mr. Darth "Potato Head" Vader … [Read more...]

Flashback Friday

We have not just one, but TWO flashback friday pics. hehe! These are some funny pics from our Disneyland trip last year. Cassy and I, and Chris and Rory took these Star Wars pics where they take your face and put it in the scene. Aren't they hilarious? Sorry guys. lol We're so hard core. Rory looks like he smelled something nasty! … [Read more...]

Like a ticking time bomb…

That's me! Still haven't gone off yet. haha. Just been watching some Monk on TV and hanging out with the cat. Fun times! Also been taking the never ending movie quiz on Facebook. Man, that's addicting! (and mind numbing) haha. The kids left today for their Pioneer trek (Joanna, Jordan, and Janae), they're hoping the baby doesn't come while they're … [Read more...]

Just a quick funny…

hehe. so true... … [Read more...]

Rory’s contribution to the blog

hehe here is a funny story that Rory showed me.Thanks hun! All you Nintendo-ers will get a kick out of it.Click on it to read.... … [Read more...]


Pregnancy is TIRING. I read somewhere that being pregnant is like working an extra two hours a day on top of what you regularly do. Boy I am feeling it today. Well, most of the time. I'm almost in my third trimester, but whoever said you get your energy back in the second trimester must have been crazy. Here's a funny for you. It cheered me up! … [Read more...]

Funny Monday

I love this comic strip! (called Pearls Before Swine) Makes me laugh every time. Well, we had a fun weekend, hanging out with family, a baby shower, watching General Conference, and eating a lot of good food. I'm glad I already have a belly to hide large meals. lol. After work today, Rory and I are going to go buy me a sewing machine! I'm excited, … [Read more...]