lucky dress part 4: faux layered hem and buttons

Hey everybody! Just a quick note about next month's sew-along-it will be in the beginning of April instead of near the end...due to a super cool radically awesome something happening.  hmm, mysterious enough? lol. And a lot of you will be happy to hear the sew-along is the.....Chrysanthemum top!    Newly renamed the Leah top. (Now I'm just using … [Read more...]

lucky dress part 3: putting it together

Let's get started on assembling the Lucky dress together!See more after the jump! First things first, let's sew those shoulder seams, right sides together. On both the main fabric and lining, like so. sew...  Press open your seams, and then lay out the main fabric right side up, then lay the lining right side down like so, and pin around the … [Read more...]

lucky dress part 2: scoop detail

So let's get going on the scoop detail. If you want to keep it simple and just have flat fabric and some buttons maybe, then skip to the bottom where I show how to attach it to the dress. If you want to be crazy and try something kinda fun, read on!For my size bib-I cut a piece of material 18"x7"-this worked just right for me. My bib pattern is … [Read more...]

lucky dress part 1: pattern and sleeves

Alright! Here's part one of the Lucky dress sew-along!See more after the jump!You'll need:main fabric (1 yard did it for my 2.5 year old)lining fabric (I used some muslin-1 yd) contrast fabric (3/4 yd for me)single fold bias tape 1/2" widematching threadpaper for pattern (dress or shirt to trace)buttons (metal ones to cover or regular)So first … [Read more...]

the Lucky dress

Did you all guess that this was my project over on One Month to Win It this last week? Sadie's hair is a bit recognizable I guess. lol!Wish me more luck for this next week-the competition dropped down to 6-and 3 will be voted off next week-yikes! I still need to get some pics of my project too, and it's cloudy and rainy here. Grrr. oh well!I loved … [Read more...]