bento lunch ideas

Yes, I'm still doing bentos! They've gotten a bit less complex as I go, but I'm still loving the cute boxes, picks, containers, and the fact that my kids usually eat most of it! These usually take me about 15-20 minutes to make in the mornings, depending on whether the kids have opinions on what they are having that day, or if Ava scavenges her … [Read more...]

bento lunches

More bento fun! Yes, I'm still going strong...our bentos get a bit predictable, but I still love packing a lunch this way. Call me crazy if you want to, I love it. (plus, it really doesn't take very long! most days I pack all 3 girls bentos in about 15 minutes.) Yep, Ava gets a bento now...the scrap bento! It's great giving her the leftovers from … [Read more...]

bento round up #8

Are you guys enjoying these bento lunch round ups? I personally love seeing them all in one place...there's just something about colorful food in cute lunch boxes that makes me happy and wishing I was still a kid! I asked Sadie if any other kids have bentos in her class, she said a few of them have lunchboxes like hers but no picks. "NO PICKS mom, … [Read more...]

Bento boxes round seven

So now that Sadie is in kindergarten (which she loves!)...I've become an official school-lunch bento maker, which I love! I don't have much time for creativity, but I love to see other people's ideas for bento foods, so I thought I'd post these anyways! Follow me on Instagram for more! This one I packed in a Rubbermaid Lunch Blox. (alphabet … [Read more...]

bento lunches week 6

Do you remember when I did bentos for awhile? (I don't do them as often, basically only when we go to the park or playdate...come kindergarten in August though.....) Well, this is a post I had prepared and then lost to the netherworlds of my drafted post page...haha! ANywho, I thought I'd put it up anyways since it's fun, and I have lots of stuff … [Read more...]

bento lunches week 5

I haven't forgotten about these bento posts-they've just slowed down a bit since having Ava. I still make them-they are just kind of the same most days. These are from before I had her aka when I had more time on my hands. ;) So here's a fun animal-themed bento! The girls love them and they're fun to make (especially with the matching picks … [Read more...]

bento lunches week 4

We tried out this new oval bento this week and Sadie loved it! (she is all about the pink...and new stuff) Charlotte was helping me arrange it, hehe! On the top tier I rolled up some turkey around cheese sticks and skewered them, then sliced apples and alternated the way they laid...easy but it looks fun! On the bottom a cute bunny egg (using this … [Read more...]

bento lunches round 3

This bento was super simple but went over well with the girls. I cut some turkey and cheddar sandwiches into triangles, and added some Pirate's Booty....always a hit! On the bottom some sliced peaches (chopped up for Charlotte's), and grapes with an elephant pick finished it off. This one strangely only had a few grapes leftover! On the top … [Read more...]

bento lunches round 2

More bento lunch fun! I made this hot air balloon lunch for a day when we were just at home-I had a feeling it wouldn't travel well. That poor doggy would probably end up hanging on to a "cloud" for dear life or something. Obviously I was inspired by my nursery mobile! :) I made a jam sandwich with some fruit leather accents and a graham cracker … [Read more...]

bento lunches round 1

Yes, I've hopped on the Bento lunch bandwagon...this way of packing lunches has a big appeal to me! Even though Sadie doesn't start kindergarten til next year, we still pack a lunch to go to parks and play dates at least twice a week. (the girls are requesting them on the weekends!) A few reasons are: 1. Less plastic waste-it's all … [Read more...]