bento lunch ideas

bento lunch ideas craftiness is not optional

Yes, I’m still doing bentos! They’ve gotten a bit less complex as I go, but I’m still loving the cute boxes, picks, containers, and the fact that my kids usually eat most of it!

These usually take me about 15-20 minutes to make in the mornings, depending on whether the kids have opinions on what they are having that day, or if Ava scavenges her lunch before even finishing her breakfast.

(man! that girl will eat anything….and everything, so it’s actually really really great. She poaches my spinach salads! internal mommy fist pump)

Also, any leftovers make a great after school snack!

I will list all the fun tools I used to make these at the end of the post! (affiliate links! thanks!)

bento lunch ideas craftiness is not optional

A dinosaur bento! featuring a ham and cheese dino sandwich with prehistoric trees (har har), snap peas and ranch, strawberries, meteors (oreos), and a dino hard boiled egg.

bento lunch ideas craftiness is not optional

My girls LOVE having breakfast for lunch, so whenever I make pancakes I double or triple it and save the leftovers for lunches.

Add in a hard boiled egg, some strawberry syrup, kiwis, blueberries, and yogurt with sprinkles, and I got myself a clean bento box after school!

bento lunch ideas craftiness is not optional

A pretty basic snacky-bento. Usually these consist of whatevers-left-in-the-fridge. lol.

kiwis, blueberries, some homemade hummus and pretzel chips, oreos, a hard boiled egg, and some cheese and rotisserie chicken kabobs.

bento lunch ideas craftiness is not optional

More of the same! Hummus and pretzel chips, strawberries and mini orange sections, plus some craisins, fig newtons, and a flatbread cheese and ham sandwich.

bento lunch ideas craftiness is not optional

Another flatbread sandwich! Also an egg, some pretzel chips (can you tell these were made the same week?), berries, carrots and mushrooms with some ranch dip because ranch dip makes the world go round.

Tis true.bento lunch ideas craftiness is not optional

I saved some pasta from the night before (pre sauced), and added some chicken and tomatoes (it was a hit!…for snack at least…lol)

berries, more oreos, and a cute star egg finished off this bento. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. These are very cute! Do they get flipped and flopped on the way to school? Do the wet foods spill?

    • Thanks Hilarie! If I send wet foods (yogurt, ranch dip, etc), I put them in a container that seals, or in the goodbbyn box which is leak proof…also, sometimes things do shift around but I make sure to separate wet and dry food for the most part and Sadie hasn’t complained yet! So far, so good!

  2. I really enjoy seeing your Bento ideas. Keep ’em coming please!

  3. how are the containers that aren’t GoodByn, as far as the food mixing from sections. Are the dividers high enough to keep everything in its own section once the lid is on? I’m hunting for replacements for my (dying) ziplock divided rectangle containers (sad face that they discontinued them!)

    I like the Goodbyn containers, but they’re not sandwich friendly, for those sandwich days. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The good lunch box boxes are great-on the older ones, the dividers don’t quite come up to the lid so I do have some shifting with those, the newer ones come all the way up, which is nice! Some shifting does happen, but it’s minimal and Sadie’s never complained about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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