bento lunches round 3

more bento lunch ideas!
This bento was super simple but went over well with the girls. I cut some turkey and cheddar sandwiches into triangles, and added some Pirate’s Booty….always a hit! On the bottom some sliced peaches (chopped up for Charlotte’s), and grapes with an elephant pick finished it off. This one strangely only had a few grapes leftover!
On the top tier of this bento we have some kiwi and grapes, yogurt raisins and ranch dip, and a few carrots and cherry tomatoes. On the bottom, a PB&J with Sadie’s name on it in cheese (obvs), and a babybel cheese with some star cutouts. Funny story, when they took off the cover to the bottom tier, both of their cheese names were stuck to the lid. They both had a little giggle about that! (Charlotte’s name didn’t fit very well…poor thing I feel so bad for when she has to learn how to write her name! It’s so long!)

This one was for breakfast, and it got refilled a few times actually! Charlotte LOVED dipping her mini pancakes (leftover from the weekend heck no I don’t make pancakes during the week) in theΒ  container of syrup! Added some strawberries and they were both in heaven.

This box is from Target-Ziploc brand, and it has some whole wheat Ritz crackers, leftover pasta salad, rolled up turkey skewers, and a babybel cheese with a star cut out in the large section. In the small sections are some strawberries, carrots, and cherry tomatoes with ranch dip in the container. This one was a hit! Only some crackers and tomatoes left over for both girls!
Sadie actually requested an all-pink bento, so we went with a semi Valentines Day/Love theme because….well, why the heck not? On the top tier are some strawberries with a flower pick, a chocolate coin, and some rolled up turkey skewers. On the bottom tier are a few little PB&J heart sandwiches with fruit leather on top and some provolone letters, along with some heart cheese next to them. Charlotte usually doesn’t eat much of her sandwiches but she loved these teensy ones. I’ll have to do more of those for her, I guess!
This bento was for a playdate at our house-bento fever is spreading and so a few other kids had bento style lunches, too! It’s addicting. πŸ˜‰
This one had some cut up pears, a cookie and yogurt raisins, and some pirates booty on top. On bottom I cut up some PB&J’s into tiny squares and skewered them on some picks. Both Sadie and Charlotte LOVED this so I’ll definitely do it again! Oh and some grapes, too.Β  Anti climactic ending there. πŸ˜‰
This one almost has a circus theme…ok, ALMOST. It has a lion and popcorn (ok that’s a stretch….pirates booty), and circusy colored sprinkles. Now I’m brainstorming circus bento ideas! lol. Anyways I made a mini sandwich with some leftover dinner rolls with turkey and cheese, added some cut up string cheese and yogurt raisins…then more yogurt and some grapes. yum!

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  1. These are adorable. They must be the envy of all the kids.

  2. I love your bento lunches for the girls. They look delicious and so fun! I have already added a bunch of bento things to my forever long “Husband I need…” list. ha

  3. Great ideas. They are simple yet fun to eat and healthy!

  4. I love the kids’ names in cheese! Did you cut them out with teeny tiny cookie cutters?

  5. How adorable and enticing!

    For the circus theme… gotta have some animal crackers! πŸ™‚ And how about a little real popcorn in a red & white striped cupcake liner. Maybe even a few m&m’s or Skittles for color/dessert.

    How about an alphabet themed one? Cheese letter cut-outs, Cheez-its, something else (no idea) and Alphabits for dessert…

  6. Yummy!!This is a great way to get the kids to try different fruits and veges.

  7. I love looking at these bento lunch pictures

  8. Miam! miam!

  9. I’m such a fan of your bento posts. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

    My kids are now accepting cut sandwiches, but only rocket or car shaped. πŸ™‚ Progress.

  10. I am loving your bento meal posts! So many good ideas, and fun ways to keep kids interested in healthy food. I can’t wait to get a bento box for my little one, and maybe my husband, though I’m not sure how well heart shaped sandwiches and his name in cheese would go over at the law firm…

  11. These are great! I’ve been wanting to put together some bento boxes for work. Ever thought about making bentos for adults?

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