bento lunches week 4

bento lunch inspiration!
We tried out this new oval bento this week and Sadie loved it! (she is all about the pink…and new stuff) Charlotte was helping me arrange it, hehe! On the top tier I rolled up some turkey around cheese sticks and skewered them, then sliced apples and alternated the way they laid…easy but it looks fun! On the bottom a cute bunny egg (using this mold), some crackers and yogurt raisins finished the bento off! Sadie loves hard boiled eggs (but just the white part), and Charlotte so far won’t even try them. She is normally an egg-aholic but I can understand that since they’re cold it would throw her off. I don’t mind finishing hers off, yum!

 This bento had some kiwi, pirate’s booty, and strawberries with a few sprinkles (per Sadie’s request) on top, then on bottom had half of a turkey and provolone bagel thin sandwich, some yogurt raisins, and a sliced baby carrot. The carrots didn’t get eaten (of course…that’s about standard right now), but everything else did! Even C’s bagel sandwich…I was kind of surprised about that! One of the main reasons I love doing lunches like this now is all the different ways you can present the same foods. Keeps ’em on their toes.

Bo-ring bento alert. (I needed to go grocery shopping-bad!) This one had some sliced apples, a few PB&J flower sandwiches with a yogurt raisin center, some flower cheese and pirates booty. Also an organic little candy my mom gave the girls. (she’s way healthier than we are lol) The box is new-one of those Lock & Lock boxes. I will have to try a few more lunches in it, but I think I like it so far! It’s deeper than the traditional bento boxes I usually use.
Another pretty simple bento-a hard boiled egg, yogurt raisins and panda cookie, strawberries, carrots and ranch, and some turkey and cheese sandwich skewers. These are the girls new favorite way to eat sandwiches! They love it!

We had some fun animal themed bentos this week too! Sadie chose a kitty cat for her lunch, so I used my cool new cutter to make her a jam sandwich…also added some sliced peaches, kiwis (with a kitty pick), cat shaped cheese and turkey pepperoni. She loved it!

Charlotte got a little piggy lunch! With a piggy sandwich, and basically all the same stuff as Sadie’s above, only with a piggy pick and piggy cheese. (have I said piggy enough yet?) My Grandma gave me this fun farm animal cookie cutter set awhile ago, and while they’re too small for cookies-they’re perfect for bentos!

This last one is from just the other day, but I wanted to share it before Halloween! I made a little turkey, cheese, and mustard candy corn sandwich (The girls just flipped the top layer over to eat), carrots, fall colored M&M’s, vampire goldfish (fangs drawn on with a food safe marker), and grapes with a little orange cat pick. The girls loved this-admittedly it’s not very spooky but that’s the kind of Halloween we like. 🙂

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  1. Your boxes are too cute!
    Yes, somehow it’s standard that carrots don’t get eaten… but they’re dearly missed every time they aren’t pureed in the tomatoe sauce… 🙂

  2. super cute, I’m coming over for lunch! 🙂

  3. Me encantan estas viandas!!!!

  4. now i want a kitty shaped pb&j. very cute!

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