bento lunches

bento lunch ideas

More bento fun! Yes, I’m still going strong…our bentos get a bit predictable, but I still love packing a lunch this way. Call me crazy if you want to, I love it. (plus, it really doesn’t take very long! most days I pack all 3 girls bentos in about 15 minutes.) Yep, Ava gets a bento now…the scrap bento! It’s great giving her the leftovers from the girls sandwiches and cheese-before, I would stick it under the cute-looking food or eat it myself. Now I give it to my bottomless pit of a baby. She is a human vacuum guys! seriously she eats more than Charlotte. She IS a growing girl! Anyways! On to the bentos!  OH yes, and this post contains affiliate links. 🙂

This bento had a turkey and cheese sandwich cut up in triangles and skewered, a bunny egg, dried mango, strawberries, and tomatoes, carrots,
and ranch dip in the little tub. Aw, the little tub. So flippin cute.

This bento had another of our new egg mold shapes in it-a car! (along with the fish)…also some strawberry cream cheese flower sandwiches, cut up cheese stick, and berries!

This bento was panda themed! A panda strawberry cream cheese sandwich with googly eyes (which look cuter than that cat, somehow), bear hardboiled egg, cheese, carrots and tomatoes, sliced apples and blueberries, with some panda picks, panda cookies, and ranch dip for the veggies.

This bento had some sunbutter and honey sandwich roll ups, flower cheese, and a funny looking fish hardboiled egg….also some cut up kiwi and grapes, tomatoes, and a cereal bar (which Sadie called “spicy”…hmm. it was banana and chocolate chip?)

bento lunch ideas

This bento had some strawberries, a hard boiled fish egg (shaped like one, not an actual fish egg of course), fig newtons, half a bagel turkey and cheese sandwich, and some pretzel chips.

This bento had an as requested by Sadie-butterfly sandwich, with sunbutter and honey. I stuck a string cheese in there for a body, and an awkward frog pick for a head..haha! Also some tomatoes, kiwi, and oranges, and some gummi bears for a treat.

bento lunch ideas

Sadie loves having breakfast for lunch! Some pancakes with syrup in the little container…hard boiled egg, yogurt, and kiwi fruit…and a wee little panda cookie!

bento lunch ideas

Heart sandwiches, mozz cheese, bunny egg, strawberries, veggie straws, and a few yogurt raisins were what was for lunch that day. (er..)

Supplies below!


  1. Those are some great ideas! I was thinking today I needed some inspiration around lunchtime. I particularly like the food picks and egg mould!

  2. I love bento lunches. So much fun to make and so pretty to look at! It speaks to my inner type A! hehe

  3. Heck, I’m going to start whipping up these bad boys for me to bring to the office for lunch. They’re adorable!

  4. These are great! You’ve made healthy food fun to eat. And I like how you’ve included the affiliate links at the bottom — makes it easier to evaluate seeing it all in one place like that.

  5. Ooh la la!!! I have been interested in the bento lunches…need to spice it up so my girls think it is cool to have lunches from home. 🙂 Can’t wait to hit up Amazon and surprise my girls with “fun” lunches next week!!! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  6. So cute and healthy. I don’t think you’re crazy at all. I think you’re super smart. If you have to make one lunch you may as well make them all at once in the morning, clean up once, and be all set for lunch for all. Oh how I hope elena outgrows her egg allergy so we can get molds.

  7. I love the frog-headed butterfly. =) My 4-year-old daughter was standing next to me admiring these as I read the post…. I guess I know who would love some! =)

  8. WOW!! Ive just ordered some food picks…where did you get the cut outs for your sandwhiches?? They are so cute!! My twin girls will love this!

  9. these are so cute! where did you get the dip containers?

  10. Wow! So brilliant! Do your girls ever lose all the pieces or are they disposable?

    • No, they haven’t lost anything yet! I have Sadie well schooled in packing everything back up…she’s a pretty careful kid in general though. 🙂

  11. Did I miss the link to the cute little “stem” for the cherry tomatoes?

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  13. Hi Jess,
    Where can I order the little dip containers? Adorable!

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