bento lunches round 2

fun lunch ideas for kids!

More bento lunch fun! I made this hot air balloon lunch for a day when we were just at home-I had a feeling it wouldn’t travel well. That poor doggy would probably end up hanging on to a “cloud” for dear life or something. Obviously I was inspired by my nursery mobile! πŸ™‚ I made a jam sandwich with some fruit leather accents and a graham cracker basket, surrounded by some cheese stick clouds. Ok, just pretend they look like clouds. haha. I added some cloud shaped apple slices and mini rice cakes…done!

In this bento we have some sliced kiwi, grapes, ranch dip for the carrots in the little container (and a chocolate princess coin from our recent Disneyland trip) are on the top…then some tortilla, turkey, and provolone roll ups on the bottom along with some carrots. I love the cute picks holding them together! I mixed a little cream cheese and ranch dressing together to act as the “glue” and they were really good!

This one has some turkey sandwiches with the cheese on top. It’s crazytown around here, I tell ya. Also some yogurt raisins and these cute strawberry filled cookies with pandas on them. Sadie loved them…Charlotte wouldn’t touch them. She’s always wary of new foods. On the bottom there’s some vanilla yogurt with sprinkles (we were eating at home so no traveling required), some graham crackers, and flower kiwis with a little bunny pick.

This bento has a cute little orange flower with a grape center! hehe…and some cantalope flowers…plus a few mini m&m’s in a sauce container. On the bottom are some whole grain Ritz crackers, rolled up turkey, and star shaped cheese. πŸ˜€

Β For the next two bentos I used this super cute new cutter from sent one to me to review, and my girls absolutely loved it! (fought over the box before I opened it, actually) They adored picking out their animal shape for their sandwiches! I’m excited to try the little frog and pig, too…so much you can do with this cutter! The little poker outer thing that comes with it is very handy and works great at getting the little punched details popped out. I did find that squishing my bread a bit flatter helped it cut more cleanly. I loved using contrasting cheese colors for the panda! Gotta get my giggles somehow, right?

Charlotte’s had a panda “sandwich” aka a piece of bread with cheese on top. She rarely will eat her bread so I made it open faced. She will however eat bread scraps while I’m making the bentos! weirdo… πŸ™‚ Also some grapes with a panda pick, and a little cookie. More of a snack than lunch, really…but they both eat like birds.

And Sadie’s has a jam kitty sandwich (love the little wink!), cookie, cut up cheese stick with a kitty pick, and some yummy grapes.

All the picks, boxes, dip containers, and mini silicone cups are from, and the large silicone cups are Wilton brand from Joann’s.

favorite supplies below! (affiliate links)


  1. What fun you all must have had! However did you find time to eat it all? In fact, they all look too pretty and interesting to eat at all!

    Thanks for sharing, and for the review. If I had grand kids or knew more Little Folk who would visit, I’d definitely visit As it is, I’ll have to bookmark it remember that I’ve done so!

  2. Wow very creative once you

  3. cool

  4. I will try it at home

  5. Those are so cute! I am definitely not that creative, but I have to admit they are super cute.

  6. Love, love, love!

  7. Where of Were do you ever find the time to do all the creative things you do?

  8. These are so cute, Jess! I need to get on the bento bandwagon…my kids would love it! πŸ™‚

  9. Oh Jessica, there you go making the rest of us look bad again! πŸ˜‰ These are ridiculously cute. I can’t imagine any kid being anything but absolutely giddy to eat these. I’D be giddy to eat one!

  10. so do you eat the scraps or what?

  11. i want to come over for lunch! so fun.

  12. Your lunches are too cute. I don’t think I can resist the bento craze any longer and am going to have to join in the fun!! It was the hot air balloon….who could resist it!?!

  13. I’m in love with your bentos and actually ordered a few things after you started posting them to instagram.

    Have you ever used a sandwich stamp? My kids actually get mad when I cut their sandwiches into shapes (wha??!!), so I thought it would be fun to stamp the bread with a panda or bunny or whatever. But I’m a little dissapointed with the results from mine. Have you used one? Any tips?

  14. by the way … have you seen the bento box carrier pattern in the book, Little Things to Sew? It has your name all over it.

  15. I hope you have a sizable yard, because I’m pretty sure if you keep posting things like this, you’re going to have a bunch of folks camping out hoping for adorably fancy lunches like these! So great!!

  16. Fun! Love that hot air balloon lunch!

  17. Fun! Love that hot air balloon lunch!

  18. creative and yami

  19. Those are SO CUTE! I love the hot-air balloon sandwich.

  20. stop it! stop it! I can hardly stand the cuteness!!!!!

  21. Oh my goodness I think I love you! I’ve been trying to find a good place to get my bento things for ages after ichibankan closed the online portion of their shop. I may go a little crazy now, so I’ll point my husband in your direction when they come in the mail πŸ˜›

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