pretty easy baby blanket

My sister in law Stephanie is expecting a baby girl this next month-and mentioned the other week that she hadn't had the energy to do any sewing or crafting, but really wanted to....I can totally relate to that last month of pregnancy energy lull-blerg. And even though they have lots of girl stuff from their older daughter, every new baby needs … [Read more...]

bandanas to catch the drool

So. This kid, Ava. She is constantly....and I mean CONstantly, drooling. My other girls, sure they drooled when they were about to get teeth, and maybe Ava is-but she is always chewing on her hands, too...which just makes it worse! We were going through our bibs way too quickly, and they were not nearly thick enough to keep her dry. Enter: the … [Read more...]

newborn pictures

THANK YOU for all the lovely well wishes on Ava's birth here on the blog, FB, and Instagram!!! All the support and love is so fantastic and nice to read in the wee hours of the night while I'm up with her.Soo....I took some newborn pics yesterday-I just couldn't help it-she is so photogenic! (she doesn't get it from me) Our little Ava is doing … [Read more...]

baby 3 is here!

 Just a quick post to pop in and let you know that I had my baby on Tuesday! Her name is Ava R....did anyone guess that "A" name? I've only had one person guess it, my sister in law...and it was her first guess! lol. It was a long labor but she's healthy and strong and gorgeous! I'm in love! So are big sisters and dad, of course!  I'll be back … [Read more...]

belly+baby gauze baby blanket tutorial

You've probably seen those cute gauze swaddling blankets, right? They're all the rage nowadays. We didn't have that kind of tomfoolery when I had my last baby, so of course I had to get in on the hottest new baby item! I thought I'd try making some of my own, because that's what we bloggers do, am I right? I got my fabric on and ordered … [Read more...]

car seat canopy

It's always fun making useful but cute things for babies, right? I've always had summer babies until now so I never thought a car seat canopy would get much use before (I bet it would have, though, at least to keep it dark when baby was sleeping)...but this time I figured November can be chilly, even here in Cali, and it might help keep strangers … [Read more...]

baby gifts are adorable, no? plus a mini tutorial!

A good friend of mine had a darling baby girl a few months back, and I totally forgot to share what I made her! Just some simple gifts-appliqued onesies, a blanket, and a onesie/skirt combo. I used some new dies for my Go Baby cutter, and they were perfect for this type of project. Easy and quick...the bread and butter of us crafters, … [Read more...]

the bapron: a pattern

Introducing the Bapron! aka the "baby apron". I hope the name doesn't turn you off (I know it's hopelessly cheesy), but this bib is really cool! It provides a ton of coverage in the front, much like an adult apron, and ties in back with bias tape! It's easy to make-I can whip one out in less than 1/2 hour (I've made a dozen or so, so I'm getting … [Read more...]

crafting, for hope.

you've probably heard about craft hope'setsy store by now...what an amazing way to help the haiti people. they've raised over $20,000 already for Doctors Without Borders. they're accepting donations again in a few weeks, and i'll be planning on donating some onesies, but for now, i did my part by purchasing a super cute, fun, and EASY mary jane … [Read more...]

Baby Booties

I've been wanting to try this baby bootie pattern that my cousin Jenni told me about, so I gave it a shot! It was a little tricky, but only took about an hour! Now I just have to make an outfit to match them, haha. … [Read more...]