pretty easy baby blanket

My sister in law Stephanie is expecting a baby girl this next month-and mentioned the other week that she hadn't had the energy to do any sewing or crafting, but really wanted to....I can totally relate to that last month of pregnancy energy lull-blerg. And even though they have lots of girl stuff from their older daughter, every new baby needs … [Read more...]

fabric soft pretzel tutorial

Beth from Project: Project is doing a play food/kitchen week! How fun! She asked me if I would do a play food tutorial, and you know I can't resist play food. So here's my project! Soft Pretzels! Delicious hot soft pretzels are the best. These are neither hot nor delicious, but they are soft, and squishy and fun to play with. :} Click … [Read more...]

meat and potatoes tutorial

Winner winner chicken dinner! Here's how I made this cute felt chicken dinner.Click below for more! you'll need: tan felt dark brown felt white felt poly fil or felt scraps chicken and potato pattern matching thread, sewing stuff.  Print out your pattern and cut the pieces.  Line up each bone piece with each meat piece like so, and sew … [Read more...]


Sadie has a banana every morning for breakfast-so this felt food was sure to be a hit with her. Sure enough, she tried to eat it right away.(cue me: Sadie...stop eating the felt, please.) I made up the pattern, and i just love the peel, it's removable, of course. You gotta be able to peel your banana! I also just HAD to make some cute little … [Read more...]

would you like fries with that?

To all the vegetarians out there; look away...I couldn't help but make a hamburger for Sadie's kitchen. She only recently started liking hamburgers, but only at In 'n Out. (YUMM) Everyone has their opinion on their burgers. Rory is not a fan. (and yet I still married him...)For those of you who don't have one of those nearby, I am truly, … [Read more...]


I finally made some donuts using the tutorial over on Skip to My Lou. Although I'm not sure Sadie knows what donuts are...she's never had one! (Rory loves donuts, but we hardly ever eat them...) They are too cute NOT to make though. Whipped up some more chocolate chip cookies too! These are so easy. I followed this tutorial for the chips, but … [Read more...]


I guess felt food week got me excited again about making more yummies for Sadie's (and Charlotte's) play kitchen, cause I just kept going!I made these cute orange slices yesterday, using this tutorial, and stuffed them with felt scraps-the perfect way to waste not-want not! Plus they're heavier than if I stuffed them with poly fil, which makes them … [Read more...]

play food round up

As a close to felt food week, here are some fun felt food tutorials I've found around the blogsphere, some I've tried, some I really want to try!Felt Brown Bag Lunch from Skip to my LouOrange Wedges from Helping Little HandsSaltine Crackers from American Felt and Craft BlogChocolate Chip Cookies from American Felt and Craft BlogFelt Donuts from … [Read more...]

felt pot sticker tutorial

If you know my family (or have read this post), you know we really call pot stickers Swei Jows. So, of course they had to make an appearance in Sadie's kitchen! Here's how I made usual I am all about the easy felt food, so these are crazy easy. So easy I did a few steps without taking pictures! The scandal! So, first you'll cut out a … [Read more...]

felt kiwi tutorial

OK, how cute are these little kiwi slices? Cute, and easy to make.Click below for more! Here's how I did them: You'll need:green felt white felt (i used a wool blend, but the craft stuff works just fine too) matching green embroidery threadwhite and black embroidery threadsmall amount of poly fil needle First make your circles, one large green … [Read more...]